Missouri Pocket Knife Laws | You need to Know [January 2023]

Missouri is a state in the USA and this state, pocket knife laws are different as compared to other states. As we all know, a pocket knife is handy too. Without pocket knives, we’re not able to do our daily routine tasks. In this post, we discuss Missouri pocket knife laws.

Moreover, we have done a lot of research and tried our best to explain which pocket knives are legal to carry in the state of Missouri. Also, we explain a little about these knives.

After reading this article, you quickly buy a pocket knife according to the rules of the government. Make sure that you don’t miss any points in this article. Also, read this article with focus and interest. So, let’s get started.

Types of Knives that are Legal to Carry in Missouri:

Missouri state allows some pocket knife is legal to carry in Missouri state. These pocket knives are mentioned below:

1. Boot Knives

A boot knife is also a gambler dagger knife and the knife has a small fixed blade in it. The knife is designed so that you easily carry it in a boot. Also, this knife is legal to carry in Missouri state.

2. Dirk Knives

Dirks knives are designed like long-bladed thrusting daggers, This knife is also legal to carry in the state of Missouri. 

3. Balisong Knives

Balisong knives are also known as butterfly knives, fan knives, and Batangas knives. This knife is manufactured in the Philippines and this is also another type of folding pocket knife.  You also carry this pocket knife in the state of Missouri.

4. Stiletto knives

This knife has a long, slender blade along with a narrow tip. Also, this knife contains a very slim profile with a tapered point to reduce friction. In the state of Missouri, it is legal to carry these types of pocket knives.

5: Switchblade knife

A Switchblade knife is an automatic knife that has a button on it. This knife

opens easily by pressing the button, and a switchblade knife is also allowed to carry in the state of Missouri.

Which Knife is illegal to own in the State of Missouri?

Until 2012 it is illegal to carry a switchblade knife in the state of Missouri. But later on, the government of Missouri changed its law, and they allowed their citizens to carry pocket knives in public areas. 

As well as, the law says you are allowed to carry a switchblade knife, but the blade length of the knife must be less than 3-inches.

Concealed Carry Knife Laws of Missouri

The government of Missouri also declare some concealed carry knife laws. These knife laws are mentioned below.

1. Is it legal to openly carry a knife in Missouri?

Yes, it is allowed to carry knives openly in the state of Missouri and you also carry switchblade knives, but their blade length must be shorter.

2. Is it allowed to carry concealed knives?

No, it is illegal to carry concealed knives in the state of Missouri, but if you take a valid concealed permit from the government you’re allowed to have them. 

However, you’re not allowed to carry these knives in schools, churches, and government buildings.


Q. Is neck knife legal in Missouri?

The Missouri law says that knives having a blade shorter than four inches are legal to carry and luckily neck knives fall under this category. That’s why these  knives are legal to carry in Missouri state.

Q. Is it allowed to carry a Fixed blade knife?

Yes, fixed-blade knives are legal to carry, but large fixed-blade knives are illegal to carry in Missouri state. If you have a valid permit, you’re allowed to carry.

Q. Are gravity knives legal to carry in Missouri?

Gravity knives fall under the category of switchblade knives, and federal law allows switchblade knives legal to carry. That’s why gravity knives are also legal to carry. 

Final Verdict:

All types of knives that are legal and illegal to carry in Missouri state are mentioned in this article. After reading this article, you don’t face any problems in buying pocket knives while leaving in Missouri state.

As well as, the FAQs in this article help you a lot in buying pocket knives for yourself. So, the conclusion is, to follow all the Pocket knife laws explained in this article. If you follow all the rules of Missouri state, you don’t face any problems in the future.

Hope you like our article and enjoy a lot to read it!

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