Colorado Pocket Knife Laws | Easy Guide for Everyone

A pocket knife is a tool that is very essential for everyday tasks. All the states of the USA made their own rules and regulations for pocket knives.

Colorado Pocket Knife Laws are different as compared to other states. The government of state Colorado allows its citizens to carry legal pocket knives openly but not in a concealed form. But if their blade is shorter than 3.5 inches, you’re allowed to carry them.

Individuals may face a lot of penalties from the government of Colorado if they carry illegal pocket knives. Also, one may face a fine and imprisonment for some years or months.

In this article, we’re going to explain step by step about Colorado pocket knife laws. You easily buy a pocket knife for daily use after reading this article. But, make sure you read this article with full focus and interest.

 As well as, make sure don’t miss any step of this article. So, let’s get started.

Is it allowed to carry knives openly in Colorado?

Yes, in some cases you’re allowed to carry knives openly in Colorado. But, before you carry a pocket knife openly, read some restrictions made by the Colorado government

We explain these restrictions below in detail. Read these restrictions and also make sure to apply them in your daily life.

  • Carry only those pocket knives openly, which are legal.
  • In public places, hold your knife in your hand.
  • Make sure that you don’t carry pocket knives in restricted areas.

If you follow all these restrictions, you don’t face any problems, and easily you do a lot of your daily tasks with pocket knives.

Is Colorado state allowed to Carry Concealed Pocket Knives?

Yes, you conceal knives in the state of Colorado, but with some restrictions. The government of Colorado says if the blade of the knife is less than 3.5 inches, you’re allowed to carry concealed types of knives. 

  1. If your knife is covered with clothes, carry it on your waist.
  2. As a woman, you are allowed to carry a pocket knife in your purse or handbag.
  3. Men are allowed to carry pocket knives in their pockets.

On the other hand, knives that have a blade bigger than 3.5 inches are illegal for the citizens of Colorado. The name of these knives mentioned below.

  1. Cleavers Knives
  2. Knives that are used for cooking
  3. Folding Pocket Knives
  4. Bowie Knives

Ceremonial knives Colorado openly says that you’re allowed to carry concealed pocket knives that have a blade of 3.5 inches blade when you’re in your home, and business places. You’re also allowed to hide concealed pocket knives in your private automobile.

Which types of Knives are illegal to Carry in Colorado?

Colorado’s state mentions the name of some pocket knives which are illegal to carry. These pocket knives are explained below.

1. Ballistic Knives

These knives are illegal to carry because these knives considered to be dangerous knives. Another reason, the blade of these knives opens with a very high force from the handle. That’s why they are illegal to carry.

2. Blackjacks Knives

Blackjack knives are American-made knives with high-quality material. These knives are also known as folded knives. Colorado’s state declares these knives illegal to carry.

3. Switchblade and Gravity Knives

Switchblade and gravity knives are legal in the state of Colorado, but these knives remain illegal in some municipalities and city areas. The name of these areas mentioned below.

  1. Lakewood
  2. Aurora
  3. Boulder
  4. Denver

What Penalties do you face in case of Breaking the Law?

There are different penalties you face made by the state of Colorado if you break the laws of pocket knives. These penalties are mentioned below in detail:

1. Blade Length

You face a fine of $1000 and imprisonment of 364 days if the blade length of your pocket knife is longer than 3-inches.

2. Ballistic Knife

As we discussed before, the ballistic knife is illegal to carry. So, if you carry a ballistic knife first time in the state of Colorado, the offense is 5 class felony. You face imprisonment of 1 to 3 years along with 2 years parole and a fine of $1000 and $100,000.

The next law for the ballistic knife is 4 class felony. In this case, you face imprisonment of 2 to 6 years along with 3 years parole and imprisonment of $2000 and $500,000.

3. Schools

According to class 6 felony, it is restricted to carry a pocket knife in school. In this case, the prisoner faces a fine of $1,000 to $100,000 and imprisonment of 1 year to 18 months along with 1-year parole.

Final Verdict:

The article is all about the Colorado pocket knife laws and all the pocket knife laws which made Colorado state explain step by step in this post.

Legal and illegal pocket knives in the state of Colorado are mentioned with their names in this article. Also, we try our best to explain the penalties which you faced while breaking the laws.

The conclusion is, as a citizen of Colorado, carries only those pockets which are legal. 

Hope you like our article and enjoy it a lot!

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