Illinois Pocket Knife Laws | You need to Know

Illinois is a state in the USA, and it is the best place for enjoying outdoor activities. In outdoor activities, some equipment such as knives is also required. But, first, as a citizen of Illinois state, you have to must know about Illinois pocket knife laws.

We know, outside adventures are really difficult without knives. The reason is, as an adventurer you need pocket knives for cutting ropes, and fruits. Also, pocket knives help to protect yourself from wild animals.

In this article, after a lot of research, we explain some pocket knife laws of Illinois state. This guide helps you to learn the Illinois pocket knife laws, and you easily carry a knife according to the rules of Illinois state.

Read this article with focus and interest. Also, ensure you don’t miss any point of the article So, let’s get started!

Types of Pocket Knives that are illegal and legal to carry in Illinois State

Illinois state declares some pocket knives legal and some illegal. This state also mentions the names of illegal and legal knives in its pocket knife laws. Below we mention the names of pocket knives which legal and illegal to carry in Illinois state.

1. Pocket Knives that are illegal to carry in Illinois State

Pocket knives, which Illinois state declared illegal to carry, are mentioned below. You’re not allowed to sell or possess these knives in Illinois state.

i. Ballistic Knife

In Illinois, it is illegal to carry these knives. Even, you’re not allowed to sell these knives

ii. Switchblade Knife

Switchblade knives are those knives that open with the help of a button on their handle. You also called these knives automatic knives and also these knives are not allowed to carry, manufactured, or sell in Illinois state.

2. Pocket knives that are legal to carry in Illinois state

Illinois State also mentions some knife names in their rules which are legal to carry. These knives are mentioned below:

i. Fixed blade knives

In Illinois state, there are no such restrictions on carrying these types of knives. You carry these knives openly or with concealed in public places. 

But make sure there is no automatic function in your knife and the blade length must be longer than 3 inches.

ii. Folding knives

Folding knives are also allowed to carry in Illinois state, and these knives are also allowed to carry openly or in a concealed form. But one restriction is the blade length of these knives is no longer than 3-inches.

Considerations while keeping Pocket Knives in the Illinois State:

As you know, the laws for any state have really crucial role in assuring a peaceful environment. Carrying Pocket Knife with you can be a sensitive and tricky thing, so you need to be well aware of a couple of questions you’ve in your mind.

Is Illinois state allowed to carry a knife in schools or colleges?

Section 24-1 of Illinois states declares it illegal to carry a pocket knife in schools and colleges. Also, as a student, you don’t carry pocket knives on school buses, government buildings, and other public areas.

Moreover, you face a lot of trouble if you violate rules while living in Illinois state. As well as, you also punish with a fine of $700 and six months imprisonment. 

Is under 18 allowed to carry a pocket knife?

Illinois state only allows 21 years guys to carry a pocket knife in public areas. According to the per section 105 ILCS 5/10 22.6, the parents of under faced a fine of $600 if their son is caught with a blade or a pocket knife.

So, must ensure your kid can’t carry a pocket knife if he is under 18 otherwise you faced all the problems.


Q. Is it legal to carry karambits in Illinois?

According to the per section 720 ILCS 5/24-1 (a) (1), it is illegal to carry switchblade karambits in Illinois. A knife that has a button, spring on its handle, or automatic functions is illegal to carry in Illinois state.

But, the non-switchblade karambits are legal to carry, but you’re not allowed to use karambits against another.

Q. In Illinois, is it legal to carry throwing knives?

Throwing knives are not allowed to carry in Illinois state. Also, this state forbids manufacturing or selling these knives.

Q. Is Illinois state allowed to carry balisong knives?

Yes, these knives are allowed to carry in this state of the USA because these knives are used for self-defense. That’s, these knives are legal to carry.

Q. Is Illinois state allowed to carry swords?

Yes, you carry a sword because this weapon is used in martial arts and for self-protection, so you’re allowed to carry it. However, before you carry must take permission from government officers because it has a blade longer than 3-inches.

Final Verdict:

We explain step by step all the knife laws of Illinois state and after reading this article you easily buy a pocket knife for your daily use. As well as, all the types of pocket knives which are legal to carry in Illinois state also explained in this article.

Furthermore, you easily choose any legal pocket knife which mentions in this article. Also, must follow the pocket knife laws which we mention in this article, otherwise, you faced punishment and a fine from the government of Illinois.

We hope you like our efforts and enjoy a lot to read it!

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