Kentucky Pocket Knife Laws | You need to Know

Pocket Knife Laws in the state of Kentucky are very relatively open as compared to other states of the USA.

Kentucky declared two types of knives deadly. But, Kentucky Pocket knife laws say that the knife is not considered to be a deadly weapon and anyone openly carries these knives. 

It is legal to carry a concealed pocket knife in Kentucky state as this weapon is considered to be dangerous, individuals must be aware of the rules of pocket knives.

Moreover, if you are planning to buy a pocket knife for yourself in the future, you must have to be aware of the Kentucky Pocket knife laws. The reason is, you face problems if you don’t know Kentucky Pocket knife Laws.

In this article, we explain step by step the Kentucky pocket knife laws. But read this article up to the last and make sure you don’t miss any points of this article. So, let’s get started!

Types of knives that are allowed to carry openly in Kentucky

Kentucky allowed carrying any type of knife and even under 18 guys are also allowed to carry pocket knives with them but with the allowed permit from the government. As well as, make sure they don’t violate any rules.

However, according to the rule of Class D felony, no one is allowed to carry a deadly weapon or concealed knife on school property, government places, and public places. Also, if anyone is caught with a knife he is charged with a crime.

Moreover, The types of knives that are legal to carry are mentioned below:

1. Switchblade knives

Switchblades are automatic knives and these knives open with the help of a button that is on the handle. These knives are legal to carry in Kentucky state.

2. Ballistic knives

The ballistic knife is a type of knife that has a detachable blade installed in it When you press a trigger the ballistic knife blade ejected several meters. This knife is also allowed to carry in Kentucky state.

3. Drik knives

The dirk knives are those types of knives that come with a long blade thrusting dagger. You also carry this knife in the state of Kentucky.

4. Bowie Knives

Bowie knife comes with a pattern of fixed blades and this knife is also used for hunting. The USA state also allows this knife to carry in the state of Kentucky.

5. Undetectable Knives

The fixed-blade knives are known as undetectable knives and you easily carry these knives in the state of Kentucky.

6. Disguised Knives

Concealed knives are known as disguised knives. The belt and cane knives are also included in disguised knives and any citizens of the USA carry these types of knives.

7. Balisong Knives

Balisong knives are also known as a butterfly, fan, and Batangas knives and the government of Kentucky allowed to carry these types of knives

In which situations Kentucky declared Knife as a Deadly Weapon?

According to the laws of Kentucky, there are a number of weapons that are considered to be deadly. Also, a pocket knife is a deadly weapon in some cases. The Kentucky Revised Statutes §500.080(4), except for hunting and ordinary pocket knives any type is considered to be deadly.

However, the supreme court of Kentucky says that a knife that is specially designed for a  single purpose is considered to be deadly. If anyone not considered the knife a deadly weapon then okay but this weapon is dangerous.

Moreover, the same statute says any weapon that becomes the cause of injury is considered to be a deadly weapon.  The crime ratio also increased due to knives. This is the reason we called the knife a deadly weapon.


Which ages are allowed to Carry a Pocket Knife in Kentucky?

In the state of Kentucky, there is no age restriction on carrying a pocket knife. But you have to be 21 for carrying a deadly weapon.

Is it allowed for a Felon to Carry a Pocket Knife?

Yes, convicted felons allow carrying a pocket knife but they only carry daggers, dirks, or stilettos in their residence. As well as, they are not allowed to carry daggers in their car or in public areas.

Are Gravity Knives allowed to be carried in Kentucky?

In other American states, it is illegal to carry gravity knives but in Kentucky, you are authorized to carry this knife.

Is it allowed to Carry Brass Knuckles in Kentucky?

Yes, brass knuckles are legal to carry in Kentucky but you need a license to carry brass knuckles.


All pocket knife laws that Kentucky state made are explained very well in this article. As well as, we also mentioned the names of pocket knives that are legal and easy to carry in the state of Kentucky.

So, the overall conclusion of this article carries only those pocket knives which are legal and must follow the rules. Hope you like our article and enjoy a lot to read it!

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