Alabama Pocket Knife Laws | Rules you need to Know

Do you want to know about the Alabama Pocket Knife laws? If yes, then you come to the right place. A lot of people in Alabama get confused about legal and illegal pocket knives. But, don’t worry, we have a solution.

Moreover, pocket knife laws are different in every USA state. That’s why first learn the laws before buying a pocket knife in Alabama. In Alabama, the knives which are legal to carry are mentioned in this article.

Moreover, no problem you face after reading this article. The reason is, we try our best to explain to you easily. So, let’s come to our point without more discussion.

Knives that are legal in Alabama

The pocket knives which are legal to carry in Alabama are mentioned below. However, the knife easily fits in a pocket legal to carry in Alabama, such as toothpick knives and dirk.

1. Balisong Knives

The butterfly knife, fan knife, and Batangas knife are other names for Bali song knives. Moreover, these knives are manufactured in the Philippines. 

Balisong knife is a type of folding pocket knife and this knife is legal to carry in Alabama.

2. Switchblade knives

Switchblade knives are automatic knives and these knives open easily with the help of a button. This knife has a sliding blade on its handle. In Alabama, this knife is also legal to carry.

3. Gravity knives

The gravity knifes opened by the force of gravity. This knife contained a blade in its handle. This knife is also legal to carry in the state of Alabama.

4. Stiletto knives

These knives look like a dagger made with long slender blades. This knife also falls in the legal knife category.

Pocket Knife Carry Laws in Alabama

The knife carry laws explain where you are allowed to carry a knife. The following are the most important knife carry laws in Alabama:

  1. It is not allowed to carry any type of pocket knife in schools.
  2. Concealed knives are illegal to carry in vehicles.
  3. Within your property, you are authorized to carry a pocket knife.
  4. No one is allowed to sell bowie knives in Alabama.
  5. A knife blade excess of 3-inches is illegal to carry.

Age Restrictions on Carrying a Pocket Knife

There is no age restriction in Alabama on carrying a pocket knife, but bowie knives are illegal to carry in Alabama. That’s why don’t buy this knife whether you are an adult or a kid.

As well as, kids are not allowed to carry knives with them in schools. Moreover, parents face fines if their kids are caught with pocket knives.

Felon Carry Pocket Knife Laws

The government made a statute that prohibited felons to carry pocket knives in Alabama. As well as, felon doesn’t allow to sell knives, and knives that are similar to bowie knives are also illegal to carry.

Additionally, as a felon, it is considered to be illegal if you carry a bowie knife in a vehicle.

Concealed Carry Pocket Knife Laws

You are allowed to carry concealed knives in Alabama, except for bowie knives. As well as, you are not allowed to carry concealed knives in schools and other public areas.

However, dangerous weapons such as daggers, dirks, and stilettos are illegal to carry in public places. 

Moreover, it is illegal to carry a knife to have a blade longer than 3-inches. So, make sure you follow all these concealed pocket laws.


Q. Is it legal to carry OTF Knives in Alabama?

Yes OTF pocket knives are legal to carry. Also, you easily buy these knives without any hurdles.

Q. Is it Legal to Carry a fixed-blade Knife?

Yes, fixed-blade knives are legal to carry in Alabama. The reason these knives are not similar to bowie knives.

Q. Is Alabama state allowed to Carry Brass Knuckles?

Brass knuckles are illegal in Alabama. However, anyone who carries this weapon faced a fine of $500 and imprisonment of six months.

Q. Which Pocket Knife is legal to Carry in Alabama?

The bowie knives are illegal to carry in Alabama. Also, citizens are not allowed to manufacture and sell these knives. However, bowie knives are legal to carry openly.


As a citizen of Alabama, it is your responsibility to learn about pocket knife laws. The purpose of writing this article is, our users easily gained knowledge about Alabama Pocket knife laws. 

We hope after reading this article, you easily buy pocket knives according to the laws. Thanks for taking interest in our article!

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