Connecticut Pocket Knife Laws-Updated 2023

It is very essential to know about pocket knife law to save yourself from trouble. In the USA, pocket knife laws are friendly in some states, while some states have rigid pocket knife laws. While in Connecticut, Pocket Knife laws are very tricky.

However, you must know about pocket knife laws as a citizen of Connecticut. 

The knives which are legal in Connecticut are also mentioned in this article.

You’ll no more get confused about pocket knife laws after reading this article.

So, before you make a plan to buy any knife, first read this article. Also, we assure you will face no hurdle to buying any pocket knife if you are well known about the Connecticut Pocket Knife Laws. Without wasting more time, let’s get started!

Pocket knives that Illegal in Connecticut

No knife is illegal to carry in Connecticut, however, there are some limitations you follow to carry a pocket knife.

Moreover, some knives are illegal to own in vehicles according to state law. The reason is these knives are considered to be dangerous. One more thing, these knives are legal to carry at home. These pocket knives are mentioned below:

  1. Stilettos knives 
  2. Switchblade 
  3. Dirk knives
  4. A pocket knife with a blade length greater than four inches is illegal to carry.
  5. Those knives with blades longer than one and a half inches are illegal in Connecticut.

In the case of anyone carrying these knives, they could be fined $500 and imprisoned for 3 years, according to section 53-206(a). 

Further, under sections 29-38, any person who carries a weapon illegally in a car faces a $1000 fine and 5 years in prison.

Knife laws in Connecticut’s local municipalities

As knife laws in Connecticut are not preempted statewide, some cities may have their own restrictions. Here are a few knife laws in Connecticut’s local municipalities:

1. Automatic Knife laws

In order to carry automatic knives, citizens must keep the blade of the knives no longer than 1 1/2 inches. Additionally, automatic and switch knives with blades longer than 11 inches are prohibited.

A stiletto or any knife that has an edge portion of 4 inches is also illegal to carry. Additionally, knives with blades longer than 4-inches can be carried if they are used for hunting, fishing, or cutting.

2. Carrying pocket knives in vehicles

In Connecticut, pocket knives are strictly prohibited in cars. It is illegal to carry a switch, dirk, or any automatic knife that opens with a spring or button in Connecticut according to sections 29-38.

In addition, anyone caught with these weapons will face a fine of $1000 or a five-year prison sentence. 

Military personnel is not subject to these laws when they travel to and from duty, move from one house to another, transport their knives for sale or trade shows, or get them refurbished.


Q. Is Connecticut allowed to carry a karambit?

Yes, knives of all types are allowed to be carried in Connecticut, including karambit. In addition, stilettos and automatic knives with blades longer than 4 inches are illegal to carry.

Q. Is it allowed to carry throwing knives in Connecticut?

Throwing knives are one of the types of knives that are illegal in Connecticut. However, throwing knives is only legal to carry in homes.

Furthermore, knives such as knuckles, brass knives, dirks, and blackjack knives are illegal to carry according to sections 53-206.

Q. Are swords legal to carry in Connecticut?

In Connecticut, swords are only legal to carry in homes. If you are caught with a sword outside your home, you will face problems.

Q. Is it legal for knives to be carried on school grounds and college campuses in Connecticut?

It is a Class D felony to possess a weapon on school grounds according to section 53a-217b. In public or private secondary schools, it is illegal to carry a deadly weapon.

Q. Is under 18 allowed to carry knives?

Connecticut does not have specific rules regarding the carrying of knives by minors. However, carrying pocket knives is problematic for minors. For this reason, people under 18 should not carry pocket knives.


Which knives are legal to carry in Connecticut, mentioned in this article? You easily carry knives in this state if you follow all these rules.

After reading this article, you face no trouble in buying pocket knives for your daily use. We hope you like this article and enjoy it a lot to read it.

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