How to Flatten Sharpening Stone?

Best Flattening Stone

It is important to have a level surface to work on while sharpening knives, and if you have ever used a sharpening stone to sharpen your knives, you have probably observed that the stone loses its flat surface with time, particularly in the middle (since all of our focus on moving our knives in the center).

 It is common knowledge that sharpening a knife on a surface that is not perfectly flat is a significant challenge. As a result, we are going to have to make use of the flattening stone in order to get our sharpening stones back into shape. This raises the question: which flattening stone is the most effective?

If you are interested in learning more about this topic, all you need to do is keep reading! I have been in your shoes before, and as a result, I have compiled a list of the finest flattening stones that I have discovered on the market.

Best Flattening Stone

1. Flattening Stone – The Best Way to Re-Level Sharpening Stones or Waterstones


Flattening Stone

The Best Way to Re-Level Sharpening Stones or Waterstones

The frequency of flattening your sharpening stone really depends on how often you use it, the quality of your cutting tools, and how evenly you use its surface while sharpening.

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The Flattening stone from Culinary Obsession is a 7.13 x 2.44 x 0.94 in coarse grit silicon carbide that does the job easily, quickly, and with no big effort, it has cuts grooves that are designed to collect the material removed from your wet stones, and what I love about the stone is that it doesn’t come along especially if you’re a knife sharpener you’re going to be happy about tha. t. t. T.

2. Nordstrand Flattening Stone


Nordstrand Flattening Stone

Sharpening Tool for Re-Leveling Waterstone, Whetstone, Oil Stones

This Nordstrand flattening stone combines traditional techniques with modern Japanese manufacturing technologies create the perfect way to refresh your sharpening stones.

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My second choice is the Flattening Stone from Nordstrand. It has the same features and qualities as my first choice, the only difference is in size; the Nordstrand is 8 by 2.8 inches (a bit larger than the Culinary Obsession).

So why did I put it in second place instead of first? Well, the difference in size isn’t very big, and the price Nordstran is a bit higher in comparison to Culinary O. Plus of that let’s not forget the extra equipment you get with your I highly do!

3. KnifePlanet – Coarse Flattening Stone


Coarse Flattening Stone

Flattening Stone to Flatten Sharpening Stones and Whetstones

Dipped and uneven knife sharpening stones make honing your knives almost impossible. Level your loved and lopsided sharpening stone set with the Coarse Flattening Stone by KnifePlanet!

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The Flattening Stone from KnifeNet is the best in terms of material quality, it completes the task in less time, and it comes with videos and articles that teach you how to flatten your stones. The only drawback to this product is that the stone itself is rather little.

 Now that you know about it, I’m sure you’ve lost interest in it; it’s a 7 by 2.35 inches; if only it were greater in size (the bigger, the better! ), and if the flattening stone could cover the full sharpening stone, then it would be simply ideal!

If you want to increase your performance by anywhere from 20 to 30 percent, then you should definitely consider purchasing this stone.

Buyer’s Guide

I really hope that I was able to provide you with some information that will be of use to you when making future purchases. As a result, I am able to provide you with more useful information.

How to Flatten Sharpening Stone?

You’re going to need your sharpening stone, your flattening stone, some water, and a pen. Yes, a pen; so you’re going to take the sharpening stone that’s not flat and draw vertical and horizontal lines on it; tell me why you’re doing that.

 It is going to act as a guide for you as you go toward the flat shape. At this point, you need to soak the sharpening stone and the flattening stone in water for a few minutes.

You are going to start the rubbing now that both of your stones are moist. At this point, you should see why it was necessary for us to draw the lines. When you rub the stones together like this, the sharpening stone will gradually lose part of its surface area.

 The good news is that we marked this surface with our pen; thus, all you need to do now is continue rubbing the sharpening stone until all the lines you draw are eliminated; doing so will ensure that you have a flat sharpening stone that is ready to use for sharpening your knives!

Closing Remarks

Working on a flat stone feels always great, which is why you should always flatten your sharpeing stone after 2-3 knife sharpening sessions. 

Don’t allow your sharpening stones to go from flat to U shape, and the more often you flatten your stone the quicker it’s going to be (it might take you just 1 minute if you do it after 2-3 sharpening sessions).

Other than that, I enjoy sharpening my knives on a 1×30 belt sharpner because it is quick, requires less effort

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