Do I have to be 18 to Buy a Pocket Knife? Laws you Need to Know

A pocket knife is a tool that helps us to do our daily routine tasks efficiently.  Among all the tools, the pocket is a very useful and versatile tool, and it’s right you can’t do so many tasks without this tool. 

However, most of the students have a question in their mind, Do I have to be 18 to buy a pocket knife? There is a lot of confusion about the pocket knife laws. Before you purchase it, we explain these laws in detail.

Similarly, no federal law exists which allows specific ages to buy pocket knives. It depends upon your state and country because every country has different laws and regulations. 

Specifically, there are no age restrictions on purchasing pocket knives. But, if you’re 18 then first read the laws of your country then acquire pocket knives.

In this guide, you learn about pocket knife laws. 

After reading this article, you definitely know whether you’re allowed to buy a pocket knife or not. Without any further delay, let’s get started!

Pocket Knife according to the law

According to the law, a knife that easily fits in your pocket is known as a pocket knife. But, must ensure that it has a folded blade and the length of a blade must be fewer than 4-inches. 

As well as, some types of pocket knives are classified as ordinary and legal to carry. These pocket knives are mentioned below:

  1. Jack knives
  2. Swiss army knives
  3. Pen knives
  4. Multi-tools knives
  5. Single Blade folding pocket knives
  6. Multi Blade folding pocket knives

On the other hand, some pocket knives are classified as legal to carry, but with some restrictions.

  1. Gravity Knives
  2. Bowie knives
  3. Stilleto knives
  4. Balisong or Butterfly knives
  5. Automatic or Switchblade knives

Law Categories of Pocket Knife

Pocket knife laws are different in every state, and even some states have knife laws that are more up-to-date as compared to other states. In fact, local municipals prefer to make their own knife laws.

So, you have to carry pocket knives according to the state law in which you’re living. Basically, knife law falls under two categories, which are explained below: 

1. Ownership law

This law forbid carrying those pocket knives which are illegal, dangerous, and considered to be a deadly weapon.

2. Carry law

This law defined which types of pocket knives are legal to carry, such as open knives or concealed knives. 

Those knives which don’t have a utility purpose are classified as a weapon and there is a restriction to carrying these weapons.

Age restrictions laws for carrying pocket knives in different states

We explained to you in the introduction, pocket knife laws vary from state to state. If you plan to buy a pocket knife, then first study the pocket knife law of your living state.

After then, purchase your knife, but it is necessary to follow the rules. Some pocket knife laws of different states are explained below.

1. Alabama

In this state, you’re not allowed to carry a bowie knife if you’re 18. Also, the knife which is the same as the bowie restricted to carry, and you have not allowed to sell it.

2. Alaska

Persons who are under the age of 21 are not allowed to carry concealed pocket knives. The reason is, this is not an ordinary knife. For under 16 persons, you’re allowed to carry a switchblade or gravity knife.

 But, you must take permission from your parents and guardians before purchasing it.

3. Arizona

Arizona’s government is only allowed to carry a manual folded knife for those persons who are under the age of 21. Gravity or automatic knife are restricted to carry in these states.

4. Arkansas

Deadly weapons are prohibited are in this state, and even you’re not allowed to sell these weapons. You’re only allowed to carry regular pocket knives.

5. California

In California, there is no age restriction to carry a pocket knife, but some types of knives and blades greater than 2-inches are illegal to carry. You’re allowed to carry a fixed-blade pocket knife. But a switch-blade knife is prohibited to carry.

6. Washington

Washington stated don’t allow carrying a switchblade knife or spring knives, but there is no age restriction in this state. But, you don’t allow concealing, dirks, and daggers 

Conclusion about carrying a pocket knife

In this article, we explain very well the carry of pocket knife laws. After reading this article, you don’t ask yourself, do I have to be 18 to buy a pocket knife? 

As well as, we also explain the knife laws of different states, and it shows us every state has its own rules for carrying a pocket knife. Some states allow carrying any type of pocket knife, but some states specify some types.

Even though some states have an age restriction, some have not. So, the conclusion is, if you’re 18 buy that pocket knife that allows your state. Don’t break the rules of your state.

Hope you like our article and enjoy it a lot!

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