Are Pocket Knife Legal | Rules & Regulations [Global]

A knife is a tool used worldwide for various purposes; without knives, we cannot do our daily routine tasks efficiently. The common man protects himself with the help of this mini tool. 

With the help of pocket knives, you quickly neutralize enemies efficiently in critical situations. But, we also know that knives are exceptional weapons terrorists and criminals used this tool for many offensives worldwide.  That’s why most countries ban this weapon. 

Additionally, it is allowed to carry weapons on airplanes before the incident of 9/11. After that, the rules changed, and even some countries make it illegal to carry concealed pocket knives. 

So, if you’re confused about the laws of pocket knives, and you are very curious to know whether pocket knives are legal or not, then this post is for you. 

In this article, after a lot of research, we’re going to explain you are pocket knives legal. Read this article up to the last with full focus and interest.

Without any further ado, let’s get started!

Is it illegal to Carry a Pocket Knife?

You carry a pocket whose blade length is under 3 inches, according to the rule worldwide. But if the blade length is above 3-inches, then you have to cover it under a sheath. 

As well as, if we explore the world there is no restriction in most countries on carrying any type of pocket knife. But, it is illegal if you’re trying to harm anybody with your pocket knife. 

Moreover, every country has its own rules for knives and whatever rules we explain above are applied in most countries. Like, in Austria, there is no restriction on the blade length. 

It means you’re allowed to carry any type of pocket knife and make sure nobody gets harmed by your knife. Always follow the rules!

Pocket Knives Laws of some countries:

As we know, every country has its own rules and regulations, so below we briefly explain the pocket knife laws of some countries.

USA Pocket Knives Law:

By the law of the USA government, some types of pocket knives are strictly restricted to carry in public places, such as switchblade knives and ballistic knives. So, if you carry these pocket knives in local places, it might be possible you’re arrested by the police.

In addition to that, in the USA it is not allowed to carry pocket knives in certain places such as TSA territories, military places, and government areas. 

That’s why, while living in the USA before going to any public places, must ensure it is legal to carry pocket knives there.

Canadian Pocket Knives Law:

So, in Canada, the open blade pocket knives or knives which are opened automatically with the button or by the pressure of a hand are not allowed to carry. You’re supposed to be a criminal in Canada if you carried these pocket knives.

In fact, the blade length of pocket knives doesn’t be prohibited in Canada. You carry any type of pocket knife with different blade lengths.

Belgium Pocket Knives Law:

In Belgium, some types of knives are banned to carry with you and these knives are daggers, automatic knives, butterfly knives, and flick-throwing knives. Must ensure when you buy pocket knives for yourself, don’t buy these pocket knives in Belgium.

China Pocket Knife Law:

The Chinese government doesn’t mention any type of pocket knife, which is banned in their country. So, before buying a knife, consult with government authorities. Try to consult with them, about whether the pocket knife you’re going to buy is legal to carry or not.

UK Pocket Knife Law:

The UK allowed to carry any type of pocket knife but the knives which have automatic features in it are not allowed to carry such as flick knives. The UK police will arrest you if you don’t follow these instructions.

Italy Pocket Knife Law:

In Italy, if you have a valid reason, only you are allowed to carry pocket knives. However, if you have a knife for the wrong purpose, and you get caught by the police, then it is possible they will arrest you.

 Pocket knives such as automatic knives, and double-edged knives are not legal to carry in Italy. As well as, swords also illegal to carry in Italy

Sweden Pocket Knife Laws:

Pocket knives are prohibited in schools, parks, and public areas of Sweden. Also, if you’ve been detected for doing suspicious activities with pocket knives, then you will get arrested by the police.

Slovakia Pocket Knife Laws:

While living in Slovakia, if you plan to do suspicious activities with pocket knives, then you’re definitely arrested by the police. 

But, it is legal to carry pocket knives in this country and there is a restriction on knife type and length. 

Why it is illegal to Carry a Ballistic Knife?

A ballistic knife is illegal to carry because of the detachable blade installed in it. But we know you think why it is illegal to carry.

The reason is, when you press the trigger, operate the lever, or when the switch is pressed which is on the handle of the knife its blade is ejected to a distance of several meters.

This knife was used by armed forces in the 1970s and whenever its trigger activated the blade of the knife launched. Also, this knife is considered to be a lethal weapon.

On the other hand, it is considered to be a deadly weapon. Because of so many, this weapon is illegal, and the main reason is this knife automatically ejects its blade. 

The USA government is also restricted to carry pocket knives. So, don’t buy this pocket knife.

Final Verdict

In this article, we deeply covered the laws of pocket knives in different countries. Also, we explain deeply in which country pocket knife is legal or not. 

But, before you decided to buy a pocket knife, first check if it is legal to carry a pocket knife in your country. We also explain to you what types of pocket knives are legal and what types are not.

The overall conclusion of this article is, to read the laws of your country and then decide which pocket knife suits you.

Hope you like our article, and enjoy a lot to read it!

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