Who makes Moore maker knives?

Today, Queen, Cam illus, Bear & Sons, Boker, and Utica make the blade for the most famous Moore maker’s knives. Some of these blades have Delrin handles, while some of them have handles made up of natural materials. It includes bones, stags, and horns.

The knives made by the companies like Utica and Boker are less expensive. They are both of the same quality, however. That is why people now prefer these knives over the others.

Moore makers are involved in the production of special pocket knives. That can be used for many purposes. Depending on what you need, they can assist you in cutting meat or protecting you from danger.

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History of Moore Makers knives

The brand Moore maker was first introduced by two brothers Wayland and Glynard Moore. In 1895, they found this company in Matador, Texas. Matador is a small city located at the bottom of Texas.

The Moore brothers started their work in their family garage. At first, they were involved in the manufacture of Bits, Spurs, and Buckles. But suddenly, they started to make dehorns. Later on, items like knives and pliers became their true source of popularity in the whole of Texas.

Nowadays, the Moore brand is the most famous in the world for producing knives and other ranching items. A lifetime guarantee is offered on all their products, which are constructed from the highest quality materials.

Before selling these products to the world, these tools are first tested on the world’s greatest ranching sites. Various ranches test the knives and other items manufactured by the Moore company.

Former president George W. Bush and Governor Rick Perry have both ordered knives from Moore makers. Moreover, this company is also involved in donating huge amounts to the local schools and churches.

In 2021, the Moore makers company has taken over the whole USA in making the best quality knives and ranching tools. All these items are manufactured and transported in the whole USA with the help of other entities in this country.

Quality of Moore makers knives

Moore makers are known to be the best product-selling brand in the whole of Texas and the USA. They do not make any second or third-class items. Their product has its quality and identity.

Their products are tested on some of the biggest ranching fields in the world before they are sold around the world. Ranches like  6666, Pitchfork, King, and Wag goner are responsible for testing the tools.

Men and women are working in these ranching fields that examine the Moore maker’s products. If there is any sort of deficiency in these products, then they send them back to MM company.

This company does not relax until these products are rebuilt and redesigned again. Customer service ensures that there are no problems. You should therefore make your investments as soon as possible.

The majority of the knives that this company makes are pocket knives. However, they also produce meat-cutting knives and many others. The people who are responsible for making the versatile designs of these knives also have major importance in this knife-making market.

Some main key features of Moore maker’s knives

Today, only two brands are competing on a high level against each other. They both strive to manufacture high-quality products. For them to be able to overcome one another easily.

Here are some of the most common key features that are present in all types of pocket knives. You should also use high-quality knives.

1: Size

While doing the comparison between the size of pocket knives made by both MM and Case. The size of these knives ranges from about 3 to 4 inches. Case makes all the pocket knives of the same standard size.

However, the knives manufactured by the MM company vary in size. They do not have any specific standard size for the pocket knives.

2: Style and designs

Both of these companies have held their position at the top of the list in quality of their products. Now they are competing hard to make the best style and designed items.

So that they can attract numerous customers towards them, making their business a big deal. MM is used to produce products having vintage designs. While Case manufactures things having contemporary designs and styles.

3: Material of the blades

Both companies produce knives made up of pure steel. However, Case uses stainless steel, which is anti-rust. While, MM produces knives with special 1095 steel.


1: What is the exact location of production of Moore makers’ knives?

At first, the Moore maker’s knives were made in Texas. Currently, they are 100% American-made.

2: Are pocket knives legal in the world?

The pocket knives can only be used by adults, the age of 18+. Moreover, the legal size of these blades is about 5.5 inches.

3: Is it necessary to oil the blades of your knives?

Yes, it is very important to oil your blades. Carbon is used to make 1095 steel, which is made from carbon. They can get rusted if they are not oiled over a specific time.


At the end of the article, it is now up to you what product would you like to buy. If you ask me for any kind of suggestion for you to buy the best quality pocket knife.

Then I will 100% suggest you go for the MM brand. Their quality and designs have great importance in the whole market.

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