Cutco Knives Review: The Best Knives for Your Kitchen

Looking for a quality knife set that will last you a lifetime? Check out our Cutco knives review to see if these are the right knives for you!

There are Cutco showrooms around the world as well as online sales of knives. The knife sets can cost hundreds of dollars and are known for their high quality and top-of-the-line designs. Does it make sense to invest in them?

Here’s our honest review of Cutco knives, including their pros and cons and whether you should buy them. For those who don’t want to spend so much on cutlery sets, we’ll also discuss some cheaper alternatives.

Cutco Cutlery Review

Cutco knives are made in America. This matters to some people, so let’s start with our Cutco knives review. In addition, they are guaranteed for life.

Let’s get started.


You may not be aware of the company’s interesting history.

One of America’s oldest cutlery companies, Cutco Cutlery was founded in 1949. Cooking Utensil Company, formerly owned by Alcoa, carries the name Cutco.

Knives and kitchen gadgets produced by Cutco have been known for their high quality since the company was founded. Cutco products are not affordable for everyone. Do they deserve the price? Let’s see if Cutco knives live up to their reputation by examining what we like and dislike about them.

Features, advantages, and disadvantages of Cutco knives

Before purchasing a Cutco knife, you should be aware of all of the features, advantages, and disadvantages. A product’s possible outcomes and problems should always be weighed before purchasing.

Among its prominent features are the following.

Materials for blades

High carbon 440A stainless steel is the blade material used by Cutco Knives. Unlike other cheap knives on the market, Cutco knives are made with stainless steel that resists corrosion. Cutco Cutlery kitchen knives do better at resisting corrosion than steel or high carbon steel, and many customers love their quality construction.


Using a 15-degree angle, all knives are sharpened and honed by hand by the company. Additionally, the ultimate Cutco knife is created in 25 steps.


It has been our pleasure to introduce you to Cutco Knives’ wedge-lock handle design. Due to the fact that Cutco only offers one knife collection, all knives have wedge-lock handles that are comfortable to use for all people. Thomas Lamb developed the locking mechanism, which is sturdy and reliable.

Handle Material

Knives have important handles. A good product should be easy to use, comfortable to grasp, and stable. As well as being functional, it can also look good.

Handles on Cutco knives are made of Acetal copolymer thermo-resin. The strength of this material is coupled with its flexibility, which makes it a great material. With their easy-to-hold handles, Cutco knives are incredibly pleasant to hold. It is for this reason that they are preferred over other brands by many people.

Stamped Knives

The Cutco promise of quality is stamped on every Cutco knife. Stamped knives are also available from other premium brands. Despite this, Cutco is the only cutlery company that sells only stamped knives, but it is not inferior to other companies.

The Cutco knives are subject to a number of misconceptions and misunderstandings. All premium brands stamp their knives the same way, including Cutco knives. There is a full tang in the construction to provide a strong surface for attaching the handle, as well as offering a number of advantages to the user.

Blade Edges

A Cutco knife can have either a straight edge or a curved edge. Especially in the Petite Chef Knife, straight edges are very common on many knives. Typically, these knives have a smooth edge that allows them to cut through food without catching or friction.

Double D edges are the other blade edges. Known as point curve blades, double D edges have pointed teeth that assist in gripping food such as tomatoes and zucchini, thus making cutting easier without squashing them.

Forever Guarantee

Knives from Cutco Cutlery are guaranteed for life. Even if something happens to a product, you can return it for repairs since the manufacturer trusts that it won’t be damaged.


A Cutco knife is an expensive piece of equipment. Although Cutco knives are expensive, they offer a lot of features and pros, especially if you’re looking for a brand name. In addition to a satisfaction guarantee, you also get hassle-free returns when you purchase Cutco knives from an authorized dealer.


Due to the brand name, it may be difficult to analyze Cutco knife cons objectively. Despite the fact that they cost more than similar brands, they are not necessarily better quality.

How Should I Deal With Damaged or Rusted Cutco Knives?

The polished stainless steel on my spatula developed some rust spots after 18 years, and the handle on my pairing knife broke. My Cutco representative advised me to ship the damaged knives via UPS after I contacted them. It took less than a week for my knives to be back in their holders at no charge except the shipping cost to the manufacturer. Customer service is excellent and the company is great!

How Does Cutco Differentiate From Other Brands?

Compared to Wusthof, Messermeister, and Henckels knives, Cutco knives are more expensive. The quality of the product is everything. Featuring a contoured handle and made with American steel, Cutco knives are made in America with the Forever Warranty.

Why Are Cutco Knives The Best?

Top-quality cutlery sets won’t dull or become outdated, which is one of the best things about buying them. Your children and grandchildren will be able to use them for generations to come. These knives are probably the best proof of their quality.

Final Thoughts

Ultimately, Cutco knives are highly recommended as one of the best kitchen cutlery brands. While some budgets might not be able to afford them, a Cutco knife is highly recommended if you want to maximize your investment.

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