Best Cheese Knife Set – 12 Best Cutlery for Your Kitchen

Here are 12 of the best cheese knives recommended as we tested.

It is essential for every kitchen to have the best cheese knife set. You can use them to cut up a block of cheese neatly or to shave through the tough skin of a cantaloupe.

The best cheese knife set that you purchase should last you for years to come and will be well worth the investment. Here we will examine what to look for when selecting your cheese knife set, which knives are best suited to handling certain tasks, and why you should never leave home without one.

Does having a cheese knife with an aesthetically pleasing design appeal to you more than anything else? The cheeseboard is made more enjoyable by its presence. 

Whether you serve guests with a distinctive patented yellow knife or give your loved ones premium-looking cheese knives, you will be able to enjoy your arsenal to the fullest extent possible.

Our cheese knives are the most highly rated on the market. When you combine these cheeses with iconic cheesy foods, you will experience the true magic of cheese.

There is an old art to the cheesy knife that every American is familiar with. By virtue of your account, you deserve a knife that is both real-looking and curved.

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Here is a list of the best cheese knives in the world; see what is currently trending.

Types of Cheese Knives

This guide identifies 12 types of cheese knives (they are almost used for the same task) that can be found in a wide range of kitchens. Please review the following information to determine what is most appropriate for you!

  1. A cheese knife for cheeses such as cheddar (BOSKA Explore Collection Cheese Knife)
  2. The best knife for cutting hard cheese (TUO Kitchen Steak Knife)
  3. Knife with a non-stick coating (Boska Holland knife for Brie)
  4. Cheese knife with a soft edge (OKP2)
  5. Knife with a wood handle for slicing Gorgonzola cheese (YXChome 4 Cheese Knives)
  6. Stainless steel cheese knife with a slim blade (LUNAR Premium Cheese Knife)
  7. An ergonomically designed double-handled cheese shaping knife (Winco Double Handled Cheese Knife)
  8. The Bekith Bamboo-handled cheese knife (flat cheese knife) has a bamboo handle.
  9. This is a narrow plane knife, known as a goodness cheese knife.
  10. A pronged cheese knife made of stainless steel (Rada Prolonged Cutlery Cheese Knife)
  11. The Dreamfarm cheese knife is a multi-purpose, non-stick knife.
  12. Knife for preparing Parmesan cheese (BERT Multi-Use Parmesan Knife)


1. BOSKA Explore Collection Cheese Knife:


Boska Cheese Knife Set Copenhagen

For all Types of Cheese

BOSKA 3pc Cheese Knife Set Copenhagen, Stainless Steel, Explore Collection

Check Price

Do you wish to have a knife for every type of cheese? I would like to point out that this is a soft cheese knife and is also very sharp. Among my favorite cheeses is extra-sharp cheddar. Using this knife, you are able to cut through the cheese like a slicer. The BOSKA knife can be used to slice cheese, including Parmesan and Cheddar.

A refined European design is incorporated into the construction of this knife, and it comes in a relatively generous size. In addition to hard cheese, semi-hard cheese, and soft cheese, there are other types of cheese available. Boska’s special knife is capable of chopping through a variety of cheeses.

A frilly set may be a good option for you if you are a cheese lover on a budget. Despite its practicality, the BOSKA cheese knife shapes the cheese in a serrated manner.


  • The product is made in Holland
  • A 100% stainless steel construction
  • Suitable for use as a hard cheese knife, a soft cheese knife, or a cheesy knife
  • The cheese is cut straight and conquered by it regardless of the type of cheese
  • Guarantee + Replacement Warranty for ten years (Guarantee + Replacement Warranty)

2. Hecef Cheese Knife Set (Retro cheese knife):


Hecef Cheese Knife Set of 3

Hard Cheese Knife & Chisel Knife

Set includes Pronged Knife, Hard Cheese Knife & Chisel Knife, Black, Excellent Gift, with Gift Box

Check Price

The knife he has made is beautiful! My search for an affordable kitchen knife led me to the Hecef knife, which is an excellent cheese knife. Does it have the ability to cut hard cheeses? Yes, it does. Various types of cheese can be sliced using this device. Additionally, you can cut fruit and chop vegetables as well as hard cheeses.

 It is possible to cut hard cheeses into pieces using tight serration. Knives with the ‘Bronze Grain Multipurpose’ option perform exceptionally well in the kitchen. There must not be a lot of information on the cheese knife. Each elegant cheese can be completed with the help of Hecef cheese knives.

 How is the Hecef knife different from other knives? The following knife is among the various knife brands on the market that are suitable for use in a professional (chef) kitchen. The handle of the knife, which is made from bronze, is the most attractive aspect of the piece.


  • This knife is ideal for cutting hard cheeses
  • Using it for the longest possible period of time
  • A sharp edge with an aesthetic appearance and a bronze grain handlebar
  • The cheese knife is an inexpensive retro model
  • This product is backed by a lifetime warranty

3. Boska Holland Stainless Steel Soft Cheese Knife:


Boska Holland Monaco Collection Stainless Steel Parmesan

Truffle Slicer

At Boska Holland we’ve been crazy about cheese for over 100 years! From that day It’s our family tradition to inspire you on your journey through the delicious cheeses of the world.

Check Price on Amazon

Would you like to purchase a nonstick knife? As for the best cheese knife for Brie, it is the Boska cheese knife. There is no doubt that it is an extremely powerful collection that is unique to Monaco. The Boska manufacturer offers a wide range of excellent products.

A cheese knife made in Holland that is ideal for slicing soft and stinky cheeses. The cutting of cheeses such as Brie can be difficult. With this European-designed cheese knife, cheese is cast in pieces due to its 100% stainless steel construction. With the knife, a ’10 YEAR’ warranty is included.


  • Blade for Brie from the Falcon Series
  • This product is made from stainless steel
  • Handle made from Packwood that is aesthetically pleasing
  • Performance versus cost
  • It is a cheap product
  • A 10-year warranty is provided

4. The OKP2 Cheese Knife (Soft Cheese knife):


The Cheese Knife OKP2

The Cheese Knives with a Unique Patented Blade

The Cheese Knife has a unique patented blade made of a revolutionary material and a design that keeps the cheese on the plate, not on the knife.

Check Price on Amazon

The cheese knife on the market is a pure cheese knife. It seems that we are all a little bit crazy about cheese here, don’t we? Furthermore, we are a bit hesitant when it comes to selecting a cheese knife.

 Money should not be wasted on useless items. It is no longer possible to slice cold and hard cheddar cheese with some items. With their unique drafted blade, OKP2 cheese knives provide excellent cutting performance.

By now, you will be able to save yourself a lot of time and trouble when cutting. Someone would like you to give them this knife. Please be careful to keep the knife in a protective environment. OKP2 Cheese Knives provide perfect results when it comes to cutting thin slices. A clean and smooth cut is achieved.


  • Has a great deal of difficulty slicing
  • It does not “glom” up on the blade when cutting Brie cheese
  • The knife is clean and smooth when it is cut
  • Resistant to heat up to 430 degrees
  • Well suited to cutting a block of sharp Brie

5. YXChome 4 Cheese Knives Set-Mini Knife:


YXChome 4 Cheese Knives Set-Mini Knife

Butter Knife & Fork

Made of professional gauge stainless steel and wooden handle, this Cheese Knives is the perfect accessory for the cheese lover in your life! these cheese knife set can

Check Price on Amazon

It is a product that has received 5 stars in reviews. Would you be interested in checking out this wooden-handled Gorgonzola cheese knife?

 Knives are made from stainless steel with a professional gauge. In addition, the solid wood handle provides a good grip as well as aesthetic appeal.

All cheese knives offered by the manufacturer are designed in a classical style. Designed specifically for professionals or cooks, the knife is made from high-quality materials. You can now cut hard cheesecake even more easily. A spreading knife is a perfect tool for spreading crumbly cheese.

We are presented with a set of four mini knives from the YXChome brand; with these knives, we will be able to slice semi-hard cheese, soft cheese, and crumbly cheese efficiently. A cheese knife set such as this can be used as a wedding gift, a wedding shower gift, a bridal shower gift, a Christmas gift, or a housewarming gift. I am pleased with my purchase.


  • The stainless steel handle is perfectly combined with the wooden handle
  • Incorporate a cheese plane
  • An ergonomic and solid design
  • It can be used to shape both soft and hard kinds of cheese
  • Instructions on which cheeses should be used
  • A full refund or replacement surety is available

6. LUNAR Premium 6-Piece Cheese Knife Set:


Complete Stainless Steel Cheese Knives

Collection Charcuterie Board Accessories w/ 15 Festive Recipes

This full Cheese Knife Set includes 4 cheese knives, 1 cheese fork and 1 cheese spreader knife and is everything you need to serve your favorite cheeses on a fantastic cheese board. INCLUDES – 15 Cheese Recipes just in time for the holidays!

Check Price on Amazon

Is there anything else you are waiting for other than a complete set of cheese knives? A LUNAR set includes four stainless steel knives, a cheese fork, and a cheese spreader. Using this stuff, you will be able to serve all of your favorite cheeses. A very smooth cut of cheese can be achieved with the LUNAR.

With the complete set, your guests will be impressed. As a result, people’s efforts are made easier. In addition to serving guests, the Lunar set makes an ideal gift for family members and cultural events. The lunar cheese knife set is unique in what it offers. Your eyes will be captivated by the elegant design of the box.

The knives, forks, and cheese spreaders are of a premium quality. Our recommendation would be to give this item to a cheese expert. Now that the Lunar set has been introduced, serving soft and hard cheeses has become much easier.


  • An ergonomic design that is both solid and durable
  • A chisel knife is included
  • A six-piece collection (including cheese knives, cheese forks, and cheese spreaders).
  • It is suitable for both soft and hard cheeses
  • The stainless steel set is beautiful
  • Slicing edge

7. Best Double Handle Cheese Knife from Winco:


Double Handle Cheese Knife

Inch Blade ~ 5″ Black Plastic Handles

Products with electrical plugs are designed for use in the US. Outlets and voltage differ internationally and this product may require an adapter or converter for use in your destination.

Check Price on Amazon

There is no doubt that Winco is a renowned brand around the world that offers top-quality knives to enthusiasts. Your attention must be focused on cutting a complex piece of cheese, isn’t it? If you wish to break cheese wheels efficiently, then you should try this double-handled cheese knife.

It is important to keep its size in mind when considering a purchase. The knife is large in size. The knife would be ideal for soaping by top chefs. It is structured with a cardboard sheath in order to ensure long service life. It is generally more expensive to hire a full-time employee than a part-time employee.


  • Black plastic handles on a double-handled knife
  • Perfect for making substantial cuts
  • The best tool for cutting hard cheeses
  • A four-fold increase in price
  • Beware of its sharpness

8. Wood / Bamboo-handled cheese knife set:


Bekith 8 Pieces Set Cheese Knives

with Bamboo Wood Handle

Products with electrical plugs are designed for use in the US. Outlets and voltage differ internationally and this product may require an adapter or converter for use in your destination.

Check Price on Amazon

Bekith brand offers an eight-piece cheese knife set, which includes a cheese knife, shaver, fork, and spreader.

 As a result of the stainless blades of the knives, the cheese is easily sliced. It is possible to chop almost all types of cheese with them, including hard, firm, semisoft, and crumbly cheese. It is a lightweight product.

There are several places where cheese knives can be stored, including the table, the cabinet, the party trays, and the store. According to the picture on Amazon, this item appears to be of greater importance for some reason. This is an excellent option for customization as well. A gift like this would be so thoughtful.


  • Blades made from stainless steel
  • Knives with bamboo handles or wood handles are excellent
  • There are many types of cheese
  • It is suitable for use on party trays or at the dinner table
  • It is the perfect size for better storage

9. Slice of Goodness Narrow Plane Cheese Knife:


SLICE OF GOODNESS Original Cheese Knife Set

4 Small Stainless Steel Charcuterie Board Utensils

MODERN ELEGANCE: Our cheese knife set will add beauty and efficiency to your kitchen table. The stainless steel utensils include a two-prong cheese fork, spade spreader, narrow and flat knives, plus a magnetic utensil holder made of all-natural acacia wood.

Check Price on Amazon

Cheese knives of high quality are available at the Goodness store for enthusiasts. You receive the item with all your desire and the magnetic acacia wood holder solution. In view of its extra efficiency, we can refer to it as ‘The cheese knife of modern elegance. With the Goodness cheese knife, you can easily slice the cheese.

The dining table can also be used to store cheese spreaders, two-pronged cheese forks, and utensil holders. You can easily grip the handle made of acacia wood. While the knives are a bit small, they are attractive as housewarming gifts. It is easy to use Goodness knives due to their versatility.


  • A knife with an individual blade
  • Stainless steel small size
  • Aesthetics in terms of color and appearance
  • Handle-side-up for easy handling
  • I enjoy charcuterie spreads a lot

10. Rada Prolonged Cutlery Cheese Knife:


Rada Cutlery Cheese Knife

Stainless Steel Steel Serrated Edge With Aluminum Handle

This innovative cheese knife will effortlessly cut through an array of cheeses, hard and soft. The unique and gorgeous design makes it the perfect serving knife for a cheese platter.

Check Price on Amazon

There is something horribly wrong with this cheese knife! The unique look of this item makes me rate it as “Horrible”. 

There is a serrated knife edge on the blade and an aluminum handle on the tool. This cheese knife offers excellent cutting performance. With its single-sided serrated edge, Rada Cutlery Cheese knives are ideal for cutting both soft and hard cheeses.

A Rada cheese knife set can be added to a cheese platter when you want to serve guests at home or at a party. It is a great find to find this knife. When looking for an affordable but high-quality knife, we recommend a Rada knife.


  • It is a high-quality option
  • A knife manufactured in the United States (popular since 1948)
  • The structure is made of stainless steel 300 series with high nickel content
  • It is a very sharp and excellent knife
  • Kitchen knives with the best value

11. Dreamfarm Knibble Lite Non-Stick Cheese Knife:


Dreamfarm Knibble Lite | Non-Stick Cheese Knife

with Stainless Steel Forks

FREE RED MINI SUPOON WITH $80 PURCHASE | Just add a red Mini Supoon to cart and the promotion will automatically apply at checkout!

Check Price on Amazon

Which knife would be best suited to the party? I would recommend getting your cheese on with the Dreamfarm Non-stick cheese knife. Non-stick cheese can be easily sliced with a knife. As an alternative, the cheese can also be spread on a cheeseboard. As part of the package, you will receive spreads and forks.

For cutting hard cheese, ceramic knives are popular because of their small tongs at the end. This cheese knife is innovative because it is designed to accommodate a fork. This type of knife will remain sharp, rust-free, and last for a long period of time if it is well maintained. With the solid handle, you have a steady grip that allows you to use the blade safely.

This product is functional kitchenware as well as a creative solution to everyday problems. The Dreamfarm Knibble knife should be used for piecing the small tongs of hard cheese at the end. This is a suitable gift for cheese enthusiasts who are on a tight budget.


  • This blade has a unique ridged design
  • Original designs created by the designers
  • Prevents the sticking of cheese
  • A solution that is both sharp and rust-free
  • Here are some solutions to everyday cheese-making problems

12. OTOTO BERT Multi-Use Parmesan Knife:


BERT Multi-Use Cheese Fruit and Veggie Knife


Made by the Design Awarded OTOTO Studio, the Creators of the All time Best Sellers Nessie Ladles and the Legendary Spaghetti Monster Colander

Check Price on Amazon

Cheese blogging can be done easily with the Bert cheese knife, which is a foreign-designed or design-awarded product that is one of our best sellers. This cheese knife is made from stainless steel and is cute and small. BPA-free plastic is used in the handle. The shape was difficult to hold, and I did not like how it looked.

If you apply sufficient downward pressure, you may be able to cut harder cheeses. Our recommendation for any cheese board would be this item if you are seeking a significant addition. 

Get it! There is no doubt that the BERT cheese knife is the absolute cutest and must-have form-over-function product available today.


  • One of the best-selling products
  • A wonderful addition to any cheeseboard
  • It works well with cheese and crackers
  • An adorable, functional, and easily gripable item
  • The perfect gift for the holidays


How should the cheese be cut? What type of knife should be used?

I am very pleased with the TUO cheese knife. It is not my responsibility to know what people choose. TUO cheese knives are constructed with serrated edges. The peckerwood handle is ideally suited for grasping and slicing cheese for your convenience.

Upon detailing the cheese with tight serrations, you will have an eternal cutting experience that allows you to move the slices from one end to the other comfortably.

Is there a reason why cheese knives have holes?

We have listed the OKP2 Cheese Knife (Soft Cheese Knife) in our online store. It has holes that provide attractive views. At first glance, people are drawn to the knives. They are typically made from stainless steel and are designed to cut hard cheeses.
 An orgasm of cheesy orgasm is prevented from adhering to a cheese knife due to its holes. Furthermore, the hole in the handle of the knife facilitates a good grip, resulting in easier cutting.

Do you know how to properly cut cheese?

A proper cut of the cheese would be recommended. It is necessary to begin cutting the cheese from the center of the point. When using a softer or gooier cheese, you should use a dull cutting knife to cut the cheese into small triangle shapes. 

In addition to Cheddar and Brie, we also offer Hard Cheese and Soft Cheese. The best option for you should be determined by checking out the available options.

Is it possible to dull knives by cutting cheese?

Cheese does not dull knives when you cut it. In your recommendation, you describe different types of cheese cutting skills. The best knife for cutting Brie is a non-stick one. In addition, you receive a Gorgonzola cheese knife that can be used to cut soft or flat cheeses. 
With this set, you will receive all the best knives on the market, such as double-handled knives, bamboo-handled knives, prolonged knives, parmesan knives, and narrow plane knives. Reviewing the customer’s comments will assist you in identifying the best product.

What is the best method for choosing a cheese knife set?

Is there a reason why you should purchase a specific cheese knife for the purpose of cutting cheese? Is there a specific reason for this? Cheese knives are designed to provide efficient performance for professionals and to enhance the user’s experience.

 In this article, we have included the best professional cheese knife on the market. If you would like to make ideal cheese, why not purchase the right butter knife here?

What is the difference between the shapes of cheese knives?

The types of cheeses you may wish to include on your cheese board can be accommodated by the types of cheese knives available in different shapes, sizes, and styles. Pronged knives are suitable for cutting through blocks of cheese or crumbly varieties, while blades with cleavers are designed specifically for cutting through hard cheeses.

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