Best Bird and Trout Knife in 2023 [Review & Guide]

10 Best Bird and Trout Knife Models

Every hunter builds a dependable life so that they may handle all the hunting responsibilities properly. Not every knife can bear such criteria and the stress of hunting. That is why you need to have specific hunting knives.

Hunting games and hunting birds are not the same. And you should not use the same sort of hunting knives either. While a deer hunting knife has to be huge and weighty and should be paired with a rib spreader, it’d be overkilled to dress a foul with it.

Bird hunting knives should be sturdy yet modest in height. It’d be more beneficial if there’s an associated bird hook for clearing out intros, with that in mind we’ve produced a list of the finest bird hunting knives.

owing to the fact that hunting season is drawing up. Now is the moment to make sure that all of your equipment is in working condition.

The question now is, just what is a bird and trout knife? A bird and trout knife is a specialized blade that is used for the purpose of slicing through the flesh of various fish, including trout.

Steel is the normal material used for the blade, while wood is the traditional material for the handle. It is used to cut through the skin as well as the meat of the fish without causing any damage to the bone.

Follow this guide to choose the best knife to bring with you on your next outing to go bird hunting.

The Best Knives for Birding and Trout Fishing:

1. CRKT Mossback Bird Hunting Knife

Our Top Pick
Best Bird and Trout Knife

CRKT Mossback Bird and Trout Fixed Blade Knife


  • Material: Alloy Steel
  • Special Feature: Lightweight
  • Weight: 2 Ounces

Perfect for when you’ve hit a sage grouse. Or a honey hole. The Mossback Bird and Trout fixed blade hunting knife with a G10 handle and 2.8” modified drop point blade;works as well upriver as it does on upland game.

The CRKT Mossback bird hunting knife is without a doubt the most exceptional trout and bird hunting weapon currently available on the market. The blade of this knife has been given a powder coat finish and has a drop point design.

The cutting edge is crafted from carbon steel of the highest quality. This material is resistant to rust and corrosion. The blade of this knife is 2.81 centimeters in length and has a thickness of 2.29 millimeters. This knife has an open length of around 6.5 inches. It has a handle shaped like a g.

The G10 handle is very long-lasting and offers a very secure grasp on the object. A sheath made of nylon is included with the knife purchase. The sheat is condensed to the point that it may be readily fastened to a belt. Because the cloth that makes up the sheath is so lightweight, you won’t even be able to tell that it’s there.

The edge of the knife is quite sharp when it is first removed from the packaging. It already has a fantastic quality built into it. It is large enough to hold any knife, yet it is still tiny enough to use for fish.

2. Grohmann Knives Trout and Bird Knife Nova Scotia

2nd Pick
Best Bird and Trout Knife

Grohmann H2C Trout and Bird Knife Stag Car


  • Brand: Grohmann Knives
  • Battery: Two 1500mAh Lithium battery
  • Weight: 0.52 lb

Grohmann H2C Trout and Bird Knife Stag Car

This would have been my first pick-six or seven years ago, but it moves down to the 3rd spot for the simple reason that the price has gone up. I love the knife, its great, it’s beautiful, and we all owe a lot of respect to  D.H

 “Russel” and “Grohmann ” and are still revered today, but today the market is more competitive, and there are many new sheets of steel with lower prices available. Let’s go back to the knife!

It has a beautiful hollow ground blade and it comes with an offset handle, which extends from the blade to the handle and gives you a comfortable and safe hold (as opposed to my first pick, which has handles that are number 1).

As far as ergonomics are concerned, the Knife is excellent. In conclusion, it comes with a nice little leather sheath that fits on the belt, so overall, it’s light, small, convenient, and works very well for daily activities when out in the wilderness.

3. Ontario Bird Hunting Knife

3rd Pick
best bird and trout knife

Old Hickory Bird & Trout OKC – Fixed Blade Hunting Knife


  • Handle Material: Wood
  • Special Feature: Lightweight
  • Weight: 1.9 Ounces

Old Hickory Ontario Outdoor Bird n Trout Fixed 3.4 in Blade Wood Handle

The Ontario Knife Company, which has been in business in upstate New York for more than 125 years, is widely regarded as one of the most successful producers of knives, cutlery, and tools.

This bird hunting knife from Ontario is among the very finest knives that can be found in the province of Ontario. This knife has all of the features that make it one of the greatest trout and bird knives. Paul Skyer, a bespoke designer and sheath maker, created it with the goal of achieving optimum performance while maintaining an attractive simplicity.

High-quality 154-centimeter stainless steel was used in the production of this item, which also has a center point blade. In addition, the blade has a powder coating that is suitable for use in particular tasks for increased durability. This blade has a hardness of 58 to 60 HRC, according to the scale.

This knife features a blade that is 5 inches long and has a completely flat taper. The thickness of the blade is 0.13 inches, and the overall length of the blade is 10 inches. You may thus claim that it is a rather large knife. The handle of this knife is made of a material called linen micarta.

It offers a secure and pleasant hold, and it is fastened to the tang of the knife using Allen screws made of stainless steel. This knife came with a sheath that may be used in shopping malls and has a protective insert that is robust. Additionally, the sheath is equipped with a belt loop so that it may be worn in the classic belt mount position on the hip.

4. Cold Steel Bird And Trout Knife

4th Pick
Best Bird and Trout

Cold Steel Bird & Trout Steel Handle


  • Blade Material: Stainless Steel
  • Handle Material: Stainless Steel, Alloy Steel
  • Blade Length: 2.25 Inches

The bird & trout knife is a modern version of a 100 year old classic, treasured by hunters and fishermen for generations. The secret to its enduring popularity is its ultra slim profile, and unique all steel construction.

You can store it in a bag, wear it around your neck, or carry it everywhere you go with the Bird and Trout Knife. In my opinion, this is a good neck knife for everyday carry (EDC).

The entire piece is made of stainless steel 420 J2. A knife made from this steel is excellent for use in the kitchen. It is easy to clean, and germs are not a threat. Featuring a drop point blade and a satin finish, it measures 2 inches in length and has a complete tang.

It has a thickness of one-sixteenth of an inch, and if you examine the grind, you’ll see that it gets lovely and slicy, which is perfect for anything you would want on a hunting trip. The handle of this knife has a skeletonized design that makes it quite comfortable to use and offers an excellent grip.

The knife has a total length of 5.6 inches and weighs 2.2 ounces. Its length is measured overall. It comes with a beaded chain lanyard and a composite sheath that can be clipped together, allowing you to wear it around your neck.

The sheath may also be clipped in. This knife is like a staple that you can carry around your neck when bird hunting, and it is great for both birds and trout. If you are searching for a no-nonsense bird and trout knife, this is it.

The key selling point, however, is that it is the most affordable trout knife available on the market. Because it can be used for so many different things, this is an excellent knife, and at this price range, you really should be wearing it around your neck whenever you go out into the wilderness.

5. Bear and Son Bird Knife

5th Pick
Bird & Trout Knife

Bear & Son 751 Stag Delrin Bird & Trout Knife


  • Blade Material: Stainless Steel
  • Handle Material: Stainless Steel
  • Product Care Instructions: Hand Wash Only

The Bear & Son 751 Stag Delrin Bird & Trout Knife features a stag delrin handle with a high carbon stainless steel blade for durability and rust resistance.

This Bear & Son Bird Hunting Knife is the ideal knife for hunters, campers, and fishers alike. It has a sharp blade and a comfortable handle. It is meant to be utilized in confined quarters, such as while field dressing tiny game or birds, filleting fish, or doing any number of other tasks.

High-carbon stainless steel was used in the construction of the blade of this knife. The length of the blade is three inches, and it has a hollow ground. The blade’s level of hardness, as well as its resistance to corrosion, is well balanced.

It has a finger groove that assists with working in for more guided precision as standard equipment. The design of the blade has a full tang construction. It has a very tiny bend to it, which makes it seem more comfortable to use.

The handle of this knife is made out of stag-patterned Delrin. The material that makes up the handle is well manufactured and provides a firm hold on the item. This knife comes with a sheath made of leather, which may be carried in leather if desired. When you go camping in the woods, you won’t have any trouble transporting this knife.

6. Camillus Finscale Bird & Trout Knife

6th Pick
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Camillus 7.75″ Ti Finscale Bird & Trout Knife


  • Blade Material: Titanium
  • Handle Material: Plastic
  • Blade Length: 3.5 Inches

The Camillus Finscale Bird and Trout knife is the perfect companion for your game kit. The Finscale is a Bird and Trout knife, but also can serve double duty as a great knife for slicing grilled fish and meats.

The Camillus Bird Hunting Knife is the ideal addition to your game pack because of its versatility. In addition to its other uses, the bird makes an excellent knife for slicing fish and foods that have been barbecued. This bird hunting knife from Camillus has a blade made of titanium-bonded 440 stainless steel for optimal performance.

The steel offers excellent resistance to wear as well as corrosion. It has good edge retention and can be resharpened with relative ease. It boasts very high-quality steel that is reasonably priced considering its performance. This blade is a total of 8.5 centimeters in length.

It has to gimp on the reverse of the blade, which is included with the package. It gives you a great deal of control when you are washing your catch. Micarta, known for its resilience, is used for the handle of this item. It is a man-made material that is exceptionally resistant to water, cold, heat, rot, and corrosion.

Micarta can even withstand extremely low temperatures. It is the ideal material for making the handles of bird and trout knives. This stunning blade is protected during storage by a leather sheath that comes included in the package. Its fin-scale knife will be an excellent addition to your hunting lodge because of this feature.

7. Puma SGB Hunting Knife

7th Pick
Best Bird and Trout

Puma SGB Coyote Stag Hunting Knife with Leather Sheath


  • Blade Material: Alloy Steel
  • Handle Material: Wood
  • Blade Edge: Hollow

The Puma SGB Coyote knife was given the prestigious Outdoor Life editor’s choice “Best overall fixed blade hunting knife in 2013”. Puma SGB knives feature heirloom quality 1.4116 German Cutlery Steel manufactured in Solingen Germany, with a Rockwell Hardness of 55-57.

Each knife in the Puma SGB line is individually crafted by hand by highly trained artisans. Anyone who carried these knives would feel a sense of pride due to the superb fit and quality of the handle scales, which are made of nickel or brass, respectively.

This Puma SGB bird hunting knife has a hook and is equipped with a blade that has a hollow grind and a satin finish. German 448 stainless steel is used in the construction of the blade. It has a clip-point blade that is 2.9 inches long and an overall length of 6.2 inches.

It results in a knife of greater quality that is offered at a price that is more appealing. The knife has a blade that is both very sharp and incredibly tough. It has a Rockwell hardness of 55 to 57, as shown by the proof testing.

Any activity related to hunting or camping will be simpler thanks to the clip-point blade. In the processing of game birds and other small games, the hook will be helpful. The scales of this knife are crafted from jacaranda wood, while the bolsters are made of nickel silver. The roughness of the wood scales is just right so that comfort and control are not compromised in any way.

8. Rapala Bird Hunting Knife

8th Pick
Hunting Bird knife

Rapala Hunting Classic Clip Pt. Knife, Birch


  • Material: Plastic and Metal
  • Battery: Two 1500mAh Lithium battery
  • Weight: 2.1kg

One of the most popular blades in use today, the clip point features a very sharp controllable point, excellent for piercing with large cutting edge. Curved tip & thinner blade with exceptionally sharp point.

Rapala is proud to manufacture reliable knives that are well suited for a variety of different types of outdoor activities. The high-performance companion you need for any activity, whether you are going hiking, camping, bird hunting, practicing bushcraft, or engaging in any other kind of activity.

The blade of this knife is crafted from high-carbon stainless steel with a German 420 designation. This particular blade is a total of 3.75 inches in length. It has an excellent harmony between its abrasion resistance and its resistance to corrosion.

This blade provides the necessary balance and accuracy for working with delicate materials. This Rapala bird hunting knife is not only great for slicing birds, but it also excels at making intricate cuts along bones. This knife has a handle made of wood in its construction.

The substance is baked birch, which is a kind of wood. It has a comfortable feel in the hand and offers a firm grip. This knife is accompanied with a sheath made of real leather and has a belt loop. This knife is perfect for bird hunting and was designed to be carried around on a daily basis.

9. AishaTech Bird Hunting Knife

9th Pick
Best Bird and Trout Knife

AishaTech Desert Bird Hunting/Tracker Knife Damascus Steel Blade


  • Blade Material: Alloy Steel
  • Handle Material: Alloy Steel
  • Item Weight: 17 Ounces

Desert Bird Custom 100 percent Hand Crafted and forged Damascus steel blade Tracker Knife Rusty Brown Micarta Handle with leather sheath overall size 10 inches.

This Aisha Tech Bird hunting knife may be the perfect option for you if you want fixed-blade knives or if you are looking for a fixed blade knife specifically designed for bird hunting. On the market now, you won’t find a better knife for bird hunting at a more reasonable price than this one.

The blade of this knife is made of Damascus steel, and it has been entirely hand-crafted and forged. The blade has a sophisticated design, with 276 folds in all. It is resistant to rust and corrosion as well. This blade has a hardness of 58 to 60 HRC, according to the scale.

It has a very long lifespan, has a robust and sturdy feel when held, yet at the same time it is incredibly lightweight. It features a very sharp cutting edge that makes it possible to cut with little effort. This knife has a handle that is crafted from a material called brown micarta.

This knife’s handle has a pleasant grip that makes it easier to grasp. The sheath that comes with the AishaTech bird knife is made of authentic cowhide leather. While hunting, the knife is kept safe inside of the sheath, which also makes it more convenient to carry.

10. ESEE CR2.5 Fixed Blade Knife

10th Pick
Best Bird and Trout Knife

ESEE Knives Cody Rowen CR2.5 Hunting Camping Fixed Blade Knife


  • Blade Style: Drop Point
  • Brand: ESEE
  • Product Care Instructions: Hand Wash Only

This Cody Rowen designed ESEE CR2.5 has a 1095 steel blade with a stonewashed black oxide finish, and comes fitted with a comfortable tan Micarta handle.

Value for money is one of ESEE’s most notable selling points. It releases a few knives every now and then that meet exceptional quality requirements and have impressively long-lasting blades.

This kind of knife has a blade that is permanently attached to the handle, and it comes in a number of various iterations both in terms of its design and its overall look.

The greatest bird and trout knife offered by ESEE may also be used for activities such as small games, trekking, and camping.

Do not be fooled by its little size; in spite of its diminutive stature, it is incredibly well-constructed and powerful when it is put to use. It is also quite convenient.

The cutting edge is made of 1095 high-carbon steel. Edge is very acute. It is well known that knives made from high-carbon steel need regular maintenance, namely the application of a little amount of oil after extended periods of inactivity.

It outperforms stainless steel in terms of how well it holds an edge. In addition to that, sharpening it is a breeze. The blade is 6.5 centimeters in length and has an intriguing black-washed finish that comes with an oxide coating.

A complete tang is included in the design of the knife. It is outstanding in both its durability and its control. It has a pleasant feel in the hand and offers enough protection for the hand guard. In addition to that, there are two rivets on it, and there is a hole for a lanyard.


Micarta scales provide the handle with a surface that is resistant to slipping. Aside from that, the length of the handle is slightly over three and a half centimeters. Last but not least, given that it has a blade that cannot be folded, you may be concerned about transporting it.

It comes with its sheath already attached. It is an excellent match, and it may be attached to your belt. When it comes to cleaning and maintaining it, all you need to do is do it by hand and make sure it’s dry before placing it back in its sheath. To prevent damage to the edge, you should not clean it in a dishwasher.

Things That Should Be Considered Prior to Purchasing a Bird and Trout Knife?

You now have a list of the finest bird and trout knives, but before you go out and get one for yourself, there are some things you need to think about first.

We are going to go over the most essential characteristics of a bird and trout knife, as well as what you should look for when purchasing a knife.


Examining the blade is the best place to begin when searching for the ideal knife to use in the kitchen or when camping.

Do not settle for anything less than the ones that measure between 2.5 and 3.5 inches; we strongly advise against it. These are the best for catching the majority of birds and trout, and they are versatile enough to work well with practically any setup.

The blades of these knives are finest crafted from steel sourced from Germany, Sweden, or Japan. There are a few different routes that may be taken to produce the highest quality steel for the task at hand: When it comes to choosing a blade for cutting birds or fish, some outstanding options are SK-5 carbon steel, 1095 carbon steel, and 6A stainless steel.

There is no need for you to purchase a tough bird or trout knife. It would be helpful if the blades were lightweight so that you wouldn’t have to lug them everywhere. This knife set has the perfect amount of thickness for it. These blades should have a thickness of around 0.1 inches, as that is optimum and suggested for them.

Size & Weight

When compared to the sizes of the knives used for bigger birds, the sizes of the knives used for trout and other small game birds should be smaller, and the weights of these knives should be lighter.

A blade that is around six inches in length is ideal for bird hunting because of its versatility. Because they are portable, small, and have a wide range of applications, they are an excellent choice for the many sorts of skinning and cutting work that must be done.

The weight of this sort of knife should be between one and two ounces, as is suggested. For the greatest possible hunting experience, we suggest that you maintain the weight of your goods at or below 3 ounces.


There are a few different materials that may be utilized to make the handles of fillet and bird knives. Plastic, wood, and leather are the most typical types that are used. The process of constructing the same kind of wooden box with dowels and glue is going to be shown in this video tutorial that we have prepared for you.

This sort of box will be straightforward to put together, which will make the process of gift-giving a breeze for you.

The manner in which the handle is held is much more crucial than the material from which the handle is made. If you are able to hold the knife in the correct manner, you will have control over it regardless of how firm the grip may be.

The length of the handle is still another important factor to consider. If it is full or partial, then there is more surface area to hold on the bat, making it simpler to execute an efficient swing with the bat.

This is the kind of knife that belongs in the tool box of every single person. When something has a full tang, it signifies that it is completely sealed to stop it from separating.


Knife sheaths allow you to carry and store your blades in a secure manner. Keep your knife hidden from potential danger by securing it inside of a knife sheath at all times. This will prevent the knife from falling out of the sheath, which might result in an injury or cause the knife to be misplaced.

It is important to check that the knife is properly seated in the sheath so that it does not accidentally get dislodged.

Sheaths for hunting knives are often crafted from leather, which lends to the sheaths’ high level of durability. A genuine leather sheath is the best possible travel companion and may double very well as a high-end leather wallet for you.

A sheath made of plastic or nylon is likewise quite durable, but as it wears out, its appearance will become noticeably less attractive.

Advice on Preventing Accidents and Caring for Your Hunting Equipment

When it comes to keeping your bird and trout knives, here is a list of some of the things you should pay attention to.

1. Make sure your knife is always sharp.

Knives that are not sharp pose the same risk as those that are. You need to make sure that they are sharpened at all times. You should invest in a knife sharpener so that you can maintain the edge on your knife and ensure that it makes clean, precise cuts.

It is also simpler to manage a knife that behaves predictably, which decreases the likelihood that you may cut yourself when using it.

When it comes to producing quick and strong cuts, dull knives are your best bet. Cutting and slicing will need more effort on your part if you are using dull knives rather than sharp ones. Always use a stone that has water on it while sharpening your knives.

This will give your knives the sharpest edge possible, and it will also assure that you will never have to spend money on new blades again.

2. Always make sure your knife is clean.

This is often the most significant factor that contributes to rust on blades. If you leave your knives submerged in water for lengthy periods of time, the quality of your knives will gradually decline over time.

After each and every usage, the knife should be thoroughly cleaned. If you do that, your knife will remain in good condition for a very long period. It becomes less difficult to operate and is more pleasant to use as its lifespan extends beyond what was originally anticipated.

It doesn’t matter how much your brand-new knife costs; you can’t buy an expensive knife that won’t hold up to regular usage and will just end up in the trash after you’re done with it.

Final Verdict

When it comes to fishing, nothing beats having a nice knife at your disposal. This is true for both novice fishermen and seasoned pros. The following are some of the top suggestions for knives that may be used by any fisherman or angler.

If you go camping, you’ll need a nice knife. These basic knives are perfect for use when camping out beneath the stars, whether for cooking or for any other activity that takes place in the great outdoors.

When looking for a knife to use for bird hunting, look for one that is not only robust but also lightweight and small. There are many models that are similar to the one you’ve selected, and all are excellent options.

Hope this Trout & Bird Fish and Game Guide makes it easy to identify and prepare your catch.

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