Best 2×72 belt grinder for knife making – Grizzly G1015 Review

It is not recommended for beginner knife makers, they should start with a 1*30 belt grinder, there is nothing wrong with starting small, but if you are an amateur or a professional who is looking to upgrade to the 2*72 belt grinder, look no further, I make you a list of the best 2*72 grinders on the market.

I was planning to list several 2*72 belt grinders in this post, but in the end, the only grinder worth sharing with you is the Grizzly G1015, so I wrote a review about it.

Best 2×72 belt grinder for knife making

1. Grizzly G1015

Top Pick

Grizzly G1015 Knife Belt Sander


Although we call this a “Knife Belt Sander,” it actually does much more than grind and sharpen knives; it has many different woodworking uses.

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With 1 horsepower, the G1015 from Grizzly uses 110V, single-phase, 14A, has a motor speed of 1725 RPM, a belt speed of 3600 FPM, and an 8-inch sanding wheel diameter. This machine features many impressive features, such as a ball bearing construction, a rubber aluminum roller, a fully tiltable belt arm, an auxiliary arbour that can accommodate buffing wheels and sanding drums, and a quick-release belt tension.

How come the Grizzly is first on my list?

The machine has one speed that is fast enough to grind metal so that knifemakers would be satisfied, the adjustable arm is very useful even though it takes time to adjust it, and changing belts is just smooth (you really don’t want to have to waste your time changing belts), you can mount this machine thanks to the bottom plates (you just need some screws), and the buffing wheel is just great (it buffs the surface to a high shine).

Now let’s talk about the machine’s downside. As a starting point, the number one problem is the tracking, so once you put pressure on it, you will notice that your belt moves left and right.

Apparently, it requires a lot of adjustment, and if you fail at that, I have a great hack for you! It is as simple as using a tap! Please refer to the video for more information regarding how to apply two full wraps of electrical tape to the center of the contact wheel of whatever size you have.

It’s a small work platform, but since we have our creativity we can just make a bigger one with a little ingenuity. Keep in mind this tool isn’t made for 100% knife making, so master knifemakers won’t be able to do some plunge cuts accurately and their symmetry will be low or nonexistent.

The product is still highly recommended even with those problems! I promise you’ll enjoy every penny you spent on the 2*72 Grizzly, because there is much more to it than bad, and any problems are easy to fix, especially if you happen to be a 1*30 belt grinder, or if you want to improve. Unless you’re willing to spend $4,000-$5,000 on a TW90 or KMG, I’d recommend getting a 2*72 Grizzly.

The Benefits of a 2×72 belt grinder (compared to the 1×30 belt Grinder)

You will save money because your belts will last longer, yes, anyone who works in knifemaking will tell you that the 2*72 belt grinder is better than the 1*30, and they’re right. A 2″72 belt grinder will save you money because your belts will last longer, yes, anyone who practices knifemaking will agree that a 2″72 belt grinder will provide better results than a 1″30, and they are correct.

How to use a 2×72 belt grinder

You won’t be attempting to learn how to use a belt grinder if you’re looking for a 2×72, but this video on how to use one is always a good read, enjoy!

Final words

There is no doubt that buying a 2*72 belt grinder will benefit all knifemakers, and if you have doubts, just do it! I promise you won’t regret your choice, but it’s a bit pricey at the same time a great investment for your shop and your hobby (you’ll appreciate it, that’s for sure!). If you can’t afford it, don’t worry! Make it happen!

 Many people on YouTube made their own and made a video explaining the steps to follow. You can also find some blog posts explaining the steps, such as this one! We have reached the end of our article.

It is my hope that I have been able to help you with some future decisions, as always, if you feel the need to share any opinions, please do so in the comments section below, and don’t forget to always keep your knife sharp!.

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