Best Horizontal Carry Fixed Blade Knives in 2023

Tactical Knives – Horizontal Side and Scout Carry Options | Survival, Bushcraft, and Survival Knives

The horizontal carry style is generally equated with tactical life decisions, while it’s actually just a comfortable carry style. When I’m sitting at the dinner table, I have only ever found the horizontal belt carry most useful.

There are two arguments against knives being fashionable: the argument that it is easier to pull out a knife strapped to my left hip than to reach for a folder in my right pocket by rocking my right hip back and forth.

Scout carries are also great for hiking, especially if you have intrusively fat legs that rub their way up vertical fixed-blade skis any time you try a maneuver that involves more than hoisting yourself straight forward and hoping for the best so that your heart will hold out until you’ve eaten one more jalapeno bacon burger.

Since people with wide legs are so oddly proportioned, we’ve worked around with a lot of different sheath systems to find something that works best for us, whether through well-designed sheaths, carrying well-designed knives, or some combination of both.

This selection of knives has been compiled for those in need of a more comfortable fixed-blade option. We have personally tested and owned all of these knives by camping, hiking, climbing trees, tripping over rocks, eating barbecue, shopping for groceries, tying shoes, and generally doing things in an orderly manner without the handle of our belt carry grabbing at our ribs every few steps.

Updates to this article are made regularly as we discover and test additional fixed blade knives that can be carried horizontally and scout style. Our knives are also removed once they are no longer available at most major retailers and once they are discontinued.

We would love to hear about any great knives you think we should include. Just leave a comment below. As the popularity of horizontal carry increases, we can expect to see a lot of new options from knife companies in 2023.

These Are The Best Scout And Horizontal Carry Knives In 2023:

  1. Bradford Knives Guardian 3
  2. Boker Arbolito El Heroe
  3. Condor SBK
  4. Esee 4 With MOLLE Add-on
  5. Boker Plus Madman
  6. Buck Selkirk
  7. Gerber Principle
  8. Ontario RAT 3
  9. Esee Izula II
  10. Civivi Kepler
  11. Kizer Harpoon
  12. Southern Grind Jackal Pup
  13. Outdoor Edge Le Duck
  14. Schrade SCHF 57
  15. Off-Grid Hoglet
  16. Spyderco Bill Moran Bowie
  17. Sencut Waxahachie
  18. CRKT Ramadi
  20. Spyderco Ronin 2
  21. Kizer Azo Baby
  22. TOPS 3-Pointer
  23. Gerber StrongArm
  24. Gerber Ghostrike
  25. CRKT Siwi

Fixed-Blades For Survival And Bushcraft

My preferred way of carrying a knife horizontally is when hiking or climbing. When I climb trees, rocks, and cliff sides anymore, I don’t carry knives in my pockets, but I know when I do climb trees, rocks, or cliff sides that am carrying a knife on my belt or hanging from my leg is annoying and sometimes dangerous. It is very important to have a knife that has a firm grip on the sheath and a sturdy construction in such situations.

1. Bradford Guardian 3


Bradford Knives Guardian3 w/Stonewash Finish


The Guardian3 is a relatively compact fixed blade that is designed to handle the work load that might typically fall upon a heavy duty everyday folder.

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  • Length Across the Whole: 6.75 Inches
  • Blade Length: 3.5″
  • Blade Steel: M390, N690, AEB-L, or D2
  • Drop point is the kind of blade.
  • Blade Grind: Flat
  • Micarta or G-10 may be used for the handle material.
  • Sheath: Leather
  • Made in: USA

Not just for horizontal carry, but also for survival and everyday carry fixed-blade knives in general, this is without a doubt one of the most popular knives available. If you are alive, then you have most likely heard of Bradford Knives at this point. The primary reason I am posting it here is to fulfill my commitment.

Regardless of how detailed a list of fixed-blade knives may be, there is a growing sense that it cannot be considered complete without the inclusion of the Guardian 3. But let’s go through the motions of the review anyway: The Guardian 3 is a rather straightforward survival knife, which is typical of the most effective models; yet, it has an unusually high number of straight lines.

The combination of a spear tip and a flat grind makes for easy sharpening, and it’s undeniable that this is a high-quality hunting knife. The leather sheath that comes with it makes it stand out, however. The leather has a lovely appearance, but what’s more important is that it maintains its shape, and the belt loop is smooth and secure.

The Guardian 3 sheath, seen above, may be quickly converted from a scout carry configuration to a side horizontal carry configuration with no effort. You just need to rotate the knife 180 degrees inside its sheath before you may use it.

Because the belt loop is a stitched-in leather strap, the sheath cannot be worn in the vertical carry posture. However, Bradford offers some wonderful Kydex sheaths for this knife that are a bit more adaptable than the traditional sheath.

2. El Heroe Boker Arbolito


Boker Arbolito 02BA371M El Heroe Micarta Fixed Blade Knife

Steel Blade

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  • Length Across the Whole: 6.75 Inches
  • Blade Length: 3.0″
  • Blade Steel: N695
  • Drop point is the kind of blade.
  • Hollow is the Blade Grind.
  • Handle Material: Micarta
  • Sheath: Leather
  • Made in: Argentina

This is a robust little blade with a thick spine, and there are more than a few things about it that make it seem quite similar to the Guardian 3 in terms of its overall feel. While they are similar, they are sufficiently different to merit consideration on their own.

The blade stock of the blade is considerably thicker, it features a recurved edge, and the tip of the blade is sturdy, thus providing a more formidable alternative to the Guardian 3.

Its performance is not as good as the Guardian 3 due to its lack of a solid factory edge. In addition, sharpening N695 steel may be simpler than sharpening other premium steels; yet, it is still a hard steel with stiff edge retention that may need a little bit of work to get to the desired degree of tightness.

However, it was the sheath that truly caught my attention to this knife in the first place. It is very unique compared to the majority of leather sheaths you will see, and it is obvious that Boker put a lot of time and effort into having it function well with the knife.

You should not pull the knife out of the sheath as it is contoured so closely to the recurved shape of the knife. In this case, you should unbutton the sheath, allowing you to remove the knife through the opening made by the button.

Because the item is very much set to make the handle ride to the left, carrying this knife scout style will be difficult for individuals who are right-handed because the handle rides to the right.

Thankfully, this is a little knife, so it ought to sit relatively comfortably on either the side or the front of your belt. Overall, a rather novel technique that is coupled with a visually appealing design.

3. Condor Sbk


Condor Tool & Knife, SBK Knife

(Straight Back Knife)

The SBK Knife was originally named 710 Topper but was modified to “SBK”, short for “Straight Back Knife.”

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  • Overall length: 10.5 inches
  • Blade Length: 5.25 inches
  • The blade steel is 1075
  • Standard blade style
  • Scandi Blade Grind
  • Material of the handle: Micarta
  • Shell: Kydex
  • Produced in El Salvador
  • Julio Diez, designer

The Condor SBK is an exceptional tool for bushcraft and survival because to the many features and components that it has. It is made of a soft but robust steel that can be repaired in the field, it has a scandi grind that is fantastic for chopping and feather sticking, and it has a large Micarta grip that is quite comfortable to use.

This is exactly the type of challenge that Condor relishes. Big fixed-blades from that manufacturer almost never disappoint in terms of performance.

To wear the sheath in a horizontal position requires some effort, but once it is on, it will maintain a stable position. If you wish to carry your gear in a scout-like manner, you’ll need to figure out how to attach the two large leather straps that click on below the belt. Despite that, it is undeniably beneficial to go through the hassle.

4. ESEE 4P-MB Fixed Blade Knife w/Handles


ESEE 4P-MB Fixed Blade Knife w/Handles

Molded Sheath, and Molle Back

Overall Length: 9.00″, Blade Length: 4.50″, Blade Finish: Dark Earth, Made in USA.

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  • Overall length: 9.0 inches
  • Length of blade: 4.5″
  • Steel for Blades: 1095
  • The blade type is drop point.
  • Flat grinding of blades
  • Handles may be made from Micarta or G-10.
  • Sheath: Molded polymer with nylon MOLLE attachment
  • Made in the USA

Since Esee has now begun offering its knives in sheaths that are compatible with MOLLE, I’ve been able to add one of the company’s micarta-handled blades to the collection. Please be aware that this is not the default choice. The majority of the Esee listings that you see online will only include the regular Kydex sheath designed for vertical carry.

My research found that Esee knives generally include Cordura MOLLE backings in their product name if “MB” is thrown into the name, and this is supposed to provide an extra layer of protection on top of the Kydex sheaths. It might not be obvious to you, but if you look for Esee knives that have the letters “MB” in the product name, you can find that they come with cordura MOLLE backs.

It is said that the designers of this item wanted it to be stable even when people used it to leap off of airplanes; hence, you may use it to carry an Esee in whatever manner you wish. You will just have to play about with it a little bit at first, but probably a lot less than you would have to do with the Esee Izula farther down the page.

5. Fixed Blade Boker Plus Mad Man Three Finger Knife


BÖKER PLUS Mad Man Three Finger Knife Fixed Blade

EDC Compatible

The handy three-finger knife Boker Plus Mad Man by Franck Souville is extremely durable thanks to its full tang construction.

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  • 6.18 inches across the whole
  • Length of blade: 3.31″
  • Steel Blade: D2
  • The blade type is the drop point.
  • The blade grind is flat
  • For the handle, micarta is used.
  • Shell: Kydex
  • Made in the USA
  • The designer is Frank Souville

French knifemaker Frank Souville, who has a propensity for tall clip point blades, made this rather remarkable tiny camping knife. Souville is known for his tall clip-point blades.

The Madman is an exceptionally functional camping knife that has a secure three-finger grip and an excellent edge. Because the edge bends so far forward, it nearly offers you some knuckle room while you are cutting anything on a table, making it incredibly comfortable to cut aggressively with this device.

This is because the edge curves so far forward. You also get a fairly substantial amount of actual cutting edge for such a little blade (only three inches long).

The major “but” with this knife is that despite the excellent cutting performance and ergonomic design of the knife itself, the standard clip that Boker includes with the weapon is so cumbersome that it makes the knife almost unusable.

It is already attached vertically to a G-clip that has a bar on it so that it can be adjusted to fit any size belt. The procedure of converting to horizontal carry and using a smaller belt is made much more difficult by the fact that there is no rear access via the clip to install the screws and that the screws used to alter the size of the belt need a torx driver.

Therefore, you could find that you need two distinct screwdrivers in addition to a great deal of patience in order to get this knife to sit precisely as you want it to.

It is my assumption that the term makes a reference to any of the people who seek to perform any of those things.

6. Knife Buck 0863BRS Selkirk Fixed Blade


Buck Knives 0863BRS Selkirk Fixed Blade Knife

Knife with Fire Striker and Nylon Sheath

Named after the rugged Selkirk mountain range beginning in the Northern Panhandle of Idaho, the Selkirk is a mid-sized knife with added features to help maximize survival in rugged and tough conditions.

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  • 9 5/8 inches in length
  • Blade length: 4.625 inches
  • The blade steel is 420HC
  • The blade type is drop point.
  • The blade grind is flat
  • For the handle, micarta is used.
  • The sheath is made of plastic
  • Made in China

There is a solid reason why the Buck Selkirk has seen a rise in popularity ever since it was made available to the public in 2014. It has the sensation of having been made by someone who really uses knives of this sort on a daily basis, giving the impression that it is a very useful bushcraft knife. The strong sheath has an incredible amount of versatility, as it can be adjusted to accommodate horizontal or vertical carry in either the left or right hand.

Although there is a little learning curve involved in finding out how to reconfigure the sheath, the initial slow-ish setup time is more than made up for by the sheath’s total adaptability and simplicity of usage.

This knife was initially met with some skepticism due to the fact that it is manufactured at Buck’s factory in China and it makes use of steel that is more malleable than the majority of bushcraft knives; however, due to the fact that it has such an excellent design, it has been consistently converting skeptics.

Having said that, it would be wonderful if Buck moved the production of this knife to their facility in the United States and offered an option for higher carbon steel, despite the fact that this would result in an increase in the price of the knife.

7. Knife with the Gerber Gear Principle


Gerber Gear Principle Fixed Blade Knife


Includes triple mounting system and sheath that can be used for MOLLE, drop leg, or scout carrying.

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  • Overall length: 7 5/8 inches
  • Blade Length: 3.1 inches
  • 420HC blade steel
  • The blade type is drop point.
  • Flat grinding of blades
  • Rubber handle with polymer inlays
  • Polymer sheath
  • Made in the USA

It is always a pleasant surprise when knife makers take the time to listen to its consumers, and it seems like Gerber was doing just that. It is clear that many of us have been seeking a bushcraft-style knife with a sheath system as adaptable as that of the Gerber Ghostrike, and it is clear that the Principle has definitely met our requirements.

It’s compatible with MOLLE and allows for simple transitions between horizontal and vertical carry positions. Although it would be preferable if Gerber had chosen steel with greater edge retention than their 420 HC, I am sure that one of the reasons why this knife was produced in the United States of America costs less than $70.

From a survival and bushcraft point of view, the Principle hits a lot of the marks. It features a scandi grind with a zero edge, a spine with a 90-degree angle that may be used to ignite fires with a Ferro rod, and a comfortable grip for prolonged usage.

This was launched by Gerber in the year 2019, and it gained popularity very rapidly. To the point that they went on to develop a bigger model known as the Terracraft, which has an S30V steel blade that is almost an inch longer than the original.

That may seem spectacular, but the price tag is far higher. The Principle is a steal at its current price range and represents excellent value overall.

8. Rat-3 Plain Edge Knife by Ontario Knife Company 8665


Ontario Knife Company 8665 Rat-3 Plain Edge

with Black Nylon Sheath

Built to be versatile and durable, the RAT series features 1095 carbon steel, tough micarta handles and MOLLE compatible sheathes.

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  • Whole length: 7.75 inches
  • Blade length: 3.75 inches
  • The blade steel is 1095
  • Blades with drop points are the kind.
  • Flat Blade Grind
  • Handles are made of Micarta.
  • The sheath can be made of Kydex or nylon.
  • Made in: USA

The Rat 3 comes with two different sheath choices to choose from. The simple nylon sheath that is depicted below is the choice that will save you the most money. The alternative is a Kydex sheath that is equipped with a Tek Lok. You can either transport the Rat 3 horizontally or vertically depending on your preference.

You have an almost limitless number of carry options to choose from if you equip the kydex sheath of the Rat 3 with the Tek Lok mechanism. Despite the fact that the knife itself is excellent, I believe that this is one of the aspects of the Rat 3 that I like the most.

The clips can be attached to the kydex sheath in one of four ways using screws, and the retention is so strong that the blade can be worn pointing in any direction without it coming loose.

The nylon sheath that is provided with the Rat 3 is very adaptable and makes it simple to carry the knife in a number of different ways, including on a backpack. The snaps on the rat are quite difficult to manipulate when worn in the Scout carry position, as illustrated in the picture above, so most individuals may prefer to carry the rat in the front while wearing it horizontally.

9. ESE Knives from IZULA-II-B-BO


ESEE Knives Izula-II Fixed Blade Knife

w/Micarta Handle

The Izula-II is designed to be the perfect lightweight survival kit or concealed carry knife.

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  • Overall length: 6.75 inches
  • Length of blade: 2.875″
  • Steel for Blades: 1095
  • The blade type is drop point.
  • Flat Blade Grind
  • The handle is made of steel.
  • Polymer is molded into the sheath.
  • Made in the USA

The Esee Izula II has a length of 6.75 inches, making it the ideal size for scout carry. It is light enough to be easily forgotten until it is needed, and it is just the right size so that it does not get in the way.

It is possible to further reduce the size and weight of the Izula II by eliminating the Micarta handle scales; nevertheless, the handle is so comfortable when the scales are present that it is more than justifiable to tolerate the little increase in both weight and size (to us anyway).

In addition to being ambidextrous, the Izula II sheath can be worn horizontally, vertically, or as a neck knife. While the clip has two sides, one is fat and wide enough to accommodate a wide range of belts and straps, while the other is narrow and tightly fitting so that it holds tightly to whatever it is mounted on.

With this sheath, you can wear it vertically, horizontally, or as a neck knife. This belt is one of the best options we’ve seen for a horizontal carry, even though you have to learn how to use it.

A versatile knife that’s surprisingly durable and capable of doing many things. Or maybe it isn’t that unexpected, given that ESEE has become such a well-known brand in the field of survival knives because to their innovative and high-quality products.

I would suggest this knife even if you aren’t looking for a horizontal carry since, in my experience, if you use knives on a daily basis, you will inevitably find yourself reaching for this particular model very often.

10. Fixed blade knife from CIVIVI Kepler


CIVIVI Kepler Fixed Blade Knife

4.48″ Blade G10 Handles

Designed by Maciej Torbé. Wharncliffe 9CR18Mov blade has good corrosion resistance and easy to sharpen.

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  • 9.93″ overall, 4.48″ blade
  • 9Cr18MoV blade steel
  • The blade style is flat
  • Blade Grind is hollow
  • Handles are made from G-10
  • The sheath is made of Kydex
  • China-made

The transition of Civivi into the realm of powerful fixed blades is reminiscent to a Broadway performer transitioning into the world of boxing. After giving it some thought, you come to the conclusion that the fact that they dance so often must have some bearing on the matter. At first, this raises some eyebrows and causes some alarm.

The Kepler, which was developed by Maciej Torbé, is a little bit too long to be the ideal horizontal carry for shorter people; yet, it is a brilliantly intriguing knife that has a lot of useful features.

This large piece of steel that is pretty durable has a very great edge on it, and despite the fact that the handle is on the thinner side, it manages to feel curiously comfortable in the hand.

Civivi further equips this knife with their very own patented take on the Tek Lok, which is based on a concept created by Bob Terzuoa and is referred to as the T-Clip. Although the measurements and types of screws seem to be somewhat different from one another, the mechanism behind it is essentially the same.

Despite this, I believe the sliding mechanism that adjusts the belt to the appropriate size is truly an improvement. It is an excellent choice for food preparation when camping, in addition to being an excellent chopper and fire starter, so bringing it along on a camping trip is somewhat of an obvious choice.

11. D2 Hybrid Blade for Kizer/Maverick Customs Harpoon fixed blade knife


Kizer/Maverick Customs Harpoon Fixed blade Knife D2 Blade

with Black Micarta Handl

D2 tool steel blade, it provides excellent corrosion resistance and incredible edge retention. High resistance black Micarta handle is sculpted into a broom handle style.

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  • The overall length is 7.75 inches
  • The blade length is 3.875 inches
  • Steel Blade: D2
  • Harpoon is a blade style
  • The blade grind is flat
  • The handle material is Micarta.
  • The sheath is made of Kydex
  • China-made
  • The designer is Maverick Customs.

This outstanding fixed-blade knife retails for less than one hundred dollars. It is light, it has wonderful balance, and it simply has an overall beautiful design all around. On the other hand, I do wish that Kizer had asked for a somewhat higher price for this knife, improved the leather straps, and included a tension screw in the kydex sheath.

Even without those changes, the Kizer Harpoon is still, in my opinion, one of the greatest knives that 2023 has to offer. The linen micarta handle of the Kizer Harpoon provides an exceptional level of traction in any and all conditions.

In addition to this, it is quite pleasant to use even while carrying out strenuous activities such as cleaning branches or attaching feathers. I really enjoy the aesthetic of the handle scales that are now available, however I do hope that in the future Kizer will provide a wider variety of color possibilities.

The blade is made of D2 steel, which helps it keep its edge, and it has a black powder coating, which helps it resist corrosion. When a knife gets a lot of usage, its coatings will ultimately wear off, therefore it is still a good idea to maintain it with oil that is safe for food preparation.

Only horizontal carry is permitted with the sheath that comes packaged with the Kizer Harpoon. It is to the user’s advantage that the sheath may be switched from being worn on the right or left for scout carry to being worn on either the right or left for front horizontal carry without the user having to make any modifications or remove the belt.

Congratulations are in order for both Kizer and the designer (Maverick Customs) on the creation of a carry system that allows for simple adjustments out in the field.

Because the existing kydex sheath has a propensity to lose its retention after a few months of usage, I am keeping my fingers crossed that Kizer will come up with an improved model of the sheath that has tension screws if this knife becomes popular enough.

Reheating the kydex is a quick remedy that can be done in this situation; nevertheless, it would be convenient to avoid having to do this task on a frequent basis.

12. Knife with a fixed blade by Southern Grind


Southern Grind Jackal Pup Fixed Blade Knife

w/Black Blade

Southern Grind, Zac Brown’s Georgia-based knife company, offers unrivaled knife lines and unique metal works made by American hands using extremely high quality materials and an unparalleled attention to detail.

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  • Whole length: 5.75 inches
  • 2.75-inch blade length
  • Steel for blades: 8670M
  • Blades with drop points are the kind
  • Blade Grind: Flat
  • Handles are made from G-10
  • Sheath: Kydex
  • Made in: USA

This knife has been available for purchase for a while now, but we didn’t get it until 2021 for some reason. A well-designed and well-functioning knife from Southern Grind, the Jackal Pup comes with a belt sheath designed to be worn either horizontally or vertically. With the addition of a short length of paracord, it may also serve the purpose of a neck knife.

Although the G-10 handles are curved, they are easy to hold, even when wet. This is good since the knife in question is an excellent companion for trout fishing. It has a flexible sheath that enables it to be carried in whatever manner is most comfortable for the sort of fishing that will be done, in addition to being the ideal size for cleaning trout.

The Jackal Pup’s blade is crafted from 8670M steel, which is high carbon steel that is known for its exceptional ability to maintain an edge over time. After the knife comes into contact with water, it is important to dry it and to sometimes wash it down with a food-grade knife oil in order to prevent rust spots from forming on the blade.

This is always a disadvantage of steels with high carbon content. This knife’s size and design make it incredibly useful in a wide range of settings, which helps explain why it’s so popular. In general, I’ve found that this knife’s size and design are quite practical.

Quite possibly, the most important fact about this knife that I would recommend is to add a pocket clip sheath similar to the one found with the Boker Barlow Burnley BFF, so that it could easily be carried in the front pocket. However, if I were going to be picky, I wouldn’t recommend that Southern Grind sell a pocket clip sheath.

13. Outdoor Edge LeDuck Knife


Outdoor Edge LeDuck – Tactical Outdoor Utility Knife

Blackstone finished Blade

MUTI-PURPOSE UTILITY and SURVIVAL KNIFE – perfect for all outdoor uses and as a lightweight backup blade for any survival situation.

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  • Length Across the Whole: 6.25 Inches
  • Blade Length: 2.5″
  • Blade Steel: 8Cr14MoV
  • Drop point is the kind of blade.
  • Hollow is the Blade Grind.
  • TPR is the material for the handle.
  • Sheath: Polypyrene
  • manufactured in: China

This blade is a drop point, but it has a very little angle on the rear, and it has a sharp curvature on the top, which makes it almost seem like a tanto. This means that this knife is more of a stabbing tool than the majority of other survival tools.

Because of the sheath, which provides it a varied carry option, the fact that it is tiny enough to be concealed, and the sticky surface on the handle, it might almost be classified as a tactical item. However, it is obvious that Outdoor Edge conceived of the design with an outdoor survival use in mind.

It comes with a MOLLE compatible sheath and paracord, as well as a rust-resistant coating on the blade, which makes it a great fishing vest blade due to its resistance to rust.

The other type is the one with the orange handle, which is obviously designed for fools like myself who always lose their knives in the woods and then can’t locate them since the blades blend in with the surrounding vegetation.

The Le Duck has a flip lock that may be used to secure it in place, which is one of its many useful features. It is really secure, and with a little bit of experience, you will be able to turn the lock with your thumb and rapidly draw the knife in one seamless action. It is extremely secure.



Schrade Fixed Blade Full Tang

with 65MN High Carbon Steel Blade

Schrade Full Tang Fixed Blade Knife, 65Mn High Carbon Steel Drop Point Blade, G-10 Handle Slabs with Thumb Rest Jimping, Lanyard Hole, and Multi-Carry Option Thermoplastic Belt Sheath

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  • Overall length: 6.125 inches
  • The blade is 2.5′′ long
  • Steel blade: 65Mn
  • Drop point is the kind of blade
  • Hollow is the Blade Grind
  • Handles are made from G-10
  • Sheath: Polymer
  • Produced in China

The work that Schrade put into making this knife that’s yet affordable is truly very astounding. It is without a doubt one of the contenders for the title of finest fixed blade available for under $20 on the market.

The sheath has a greater degree of adaptability than the majority of the higher-priced knives covered in this article. Left- or right-handed vertical front carry, left- or right-handed scout carry, and left- or right-handed vertical carry are all possible configurations for this accessory.

Schrade chose unusually good quality materials in the production of the SCHF57, which is unexpected given how inexpensive the knife is. Schrade’s knives are usually made from 8Cr13MoV steel, but this knife features 65Mn carbon steel, which has a much greater edge retention. G10 is used for the handle scales.

Because 65Mn is more susceptible to rust than 8Cr13MoV, this knife will need to be oiled on occasion, and it should always be dried off before being placed back in its sheath. This is the one disadvantage that 65Mn has in comparison to 8Cr13MoV.

15. Off-Grid Knives


Off-Grid Knives – Hoglet Fixed Blade Cleaver Knife

Hunting, Hiking, Camp Kitchen

The Hoglet is a compact fixed blade knife with a cleaver style blade. We used cryogenic D2 steel with full tang construction creating a tough, strong fixed blade in a small package.

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  • Length: 6.5″
  • Blade length: 2.75 inches
  • Cryo D2: Blade Steel
  • Cleaver-style blade
  • Blade Grind: Flat
  • Handles are made from G-10
  • Sheath: Kydex
  • Made in: Taiwan

In general, I’m not a huge fan of fixed blade knives that have a cleaver-style blade. Nevertheless, the Off-Grid Hoglet has caused me to reevaluate my position. Starting with the handle, G-10 provides unparalleled comfort.

I reasoned that maybe it was simply the right proportions for my hand, so I had many other individuals with a wide range of hand sizes test it out. They were all interested in stealing it. Simply said, it has an excellent layout.

The extremely competent Cryo D2 steel is used in the construction of the Hoglet’s blade, which is shaped like a cleaver. This steel has excellent edge retention as well as a high level of toughness, and the cost is reasonable.

It is simpler to sharpen than S30V, and it is less prone to chip while being used for real labor, thus I recommend it for survival knives and blades that get a lot of wear. It is also less expensive than S30V.

It is possible to carry the Hoglet horizontally or vertically in either or both hands depending on the configuration of the Kydex sheath. Because it is so convenient to be able to construct a sheath in a variety of ways dependent on the user’s requirements, I really hope that more knife makers would embrace this strategy for sheath design.

16. Spyderco Moran Drop Point Fixed Blade Knife


Spyderco Moran Drop Point Fixed Blade Knife

with 3.92″ VG-10 Stainless Steel Blade

Reliable High Performance – Spyderco fixed blade knives offer the same performance you expect from our ground-breaking folding knives. Proudly Crafted for Life with highly evolved Ergonomics to minimize fatigue and increase cutting power.

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  • Board length: 8.0 inches
  • Length of blade: 3.875″
  • Steel Blade: VG-10
  • There are two blade styles to choose from.
  • Flat grind for blades
  • Kraton is inlaid into the FRN handle.
  • Boltaron: Sheath
  • Made in: Japan

For the purposes of this knife, it is crucial that you be aware that Bill Moran has contributed significantly to the development of fixed-blade designs in the knife industry over the course of the previous several decades. The name Bill Moran has a lot of history behind it.

The Spyderco design in question is one that is intended for outdoor activities like as camping or hunting (as the product descriptions often state, “strongly suggest”). It comes in a drop point and a trailing point form that both come in at the same size and price, and the handle is a nice basic shape that simply fits the hand with a lot of gripping material.

It is important that the balance of the knife be placed exactly in the center, close to where the index finger rests, so that the knife not only feels good in the hand but also moves easily on the belt.

The sheath and belt clip seem to be the same as those found on the Ronin 2, and based on my previous experience with the Ronin 2, I can tell that converting to horizontal carry could be a bit challenging at first unless you have a magnetic torx screwdriver. Sheaths for fixed blade knives are not Spyderco’s strong suit, but the company’s offerings are always serviceable enough.


  • 9 5/8 inches in length
  • Blade length: 4.98 inches
  • Steel Blade: D2
  • The drop point is the type of blade.
  • Blade Grind: Sabre
  • Handles are made of Micarta.
  • Sheath: Kydex
  • Made in: Taiwan

This is a very young firm, and their knife, the Tracker X, is even more recent; it seems to be well within the range of quality offered by Esee knives. Off Grid is well known for their line of folding knives; however, they have lately expanded their product line to include several excellent fixed blade knives, one of which is the Tracker X.

The fact that the thick D2 steel blade is able to keep its edge exceptionally well is a testament to Off Grid’s superior heat treatment. Even in rainy conditions, the micarta handle provides a pleasant grip that is easy to maintain.

The Kydex sheath seems to have design elements that are comparable to those of a Tek Lok, but it also has the ability to clip on, which means that it should be quite simple to attach to your belt or MOLLE pack.

The only thing that may possibly prevent you from succeeding is the size. The length of a survival fixed blade that is nine and a half inches long is more or less usual, but this knife has a large blade. Therefore, depending on the kind of physique you have, it may feel heavy while sitting.

17. SENCUT Waxahachie Fixed Blade Knife


SENCUT Waxahachie Fixed Blade Knife

Full Tang Clip Point Black

Premium Micarta/G10 handle with lanyard rope brings you a comfortable hand feeling and the most portable carrying experience.

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  • Overall length: 7.88 inches
  • Blade Length: 3.7 inches
  • 9Cr18MoV blade steel
  • Clip point blade style
  • Flat grind for blades
  • Handles are made of Micarta
  • Sheath: Kydex
  • manufactured in: China

Sencut Knives is a new knife business that was developed by Civivi to serve as their entry-level product line. On the other hand, there is not a significant difference in either price or quality between the two brands.

There is not the slightest bit of a difference in terms of the quality of the design. The Sencut Waxahachie is one of the fixed-blade horizontal carry knives that we have found to be both one of the most useful and enjoyable to use. It has quickly risen to the ranks of one of the cheap camping knives that we suggest the most in 2023.

The Waxahachie is a blade that is not only lightweight but also durable and simple to sharpen. Because of its total length of 7.88 inches, it is an excellent size for scout carry even for those who have waists that are not as large. We really like that it may be carried in either a horizontal or a vertical position, either on the front or the back, and that it is ambidextrous.

The Waxahachie has a small blade in the style of a Bowie knife, and it looks great and works very well for a variety of tasks. The 9CrMov steel that we use is robust and takes an excellent edge, but we would love to have an alternative that is more costly and made of a superior steel.

Although it does not provide the same level of edge retention as the current popular super steels, it is a nice alternative for those looking to save money. The overall quality of this knife, both in terms of its design and its price, left us with a very favorable impression. Please do not inquire with us on the correct pronunciation of Waxahachie.

Fixed-blade tactical knives

There are a lot of knives that are marketed explicitly as tactical knives. However, most of the time the tactical knives feel like they are a gimmick rather than a functional design (either that or a copy). It is true that tactical horizontal carry, when done correctly, is hard to beat in terms of comfort and adaptability.

CRKT Ramadi Fixed Blade Knife


CRKT Ramadi Fixed Blade Knife

with Sheath: Heavy Duty Powder Coated SK-5 Carbon Black Blade

with Sheath: Heavy Duty Powder Coated SK-5 Carbon Black Blade

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  • Whole length: 8.50 inches
  • Blade Length: 4.37 inches
  • SK-5 blade steel
  • The blade type is drop point
  • The blade grind is flat
  • The handle material is G-10
  • Polymer sheath
  • manufactured in: China

CRKT’s Forged By War line of knives, of which the Ramadi is a member, were all developed by veterans who had previous experience in the battlefield. This series of knives gives back to a veteran’s organization of the designer’s choosing by donating a percentage of the revenues to that organization.

Darren William Sirois, a veteran of Special Operations, is the mind behind this Ramadi. Sirois is also responsible for the design of the CRKT Siwi, which can be found lower down in this article.

This knife is a tactical first tool, but it is also a good camping or backpacking knife because to its gripping G-10 scales, adaptable sheath, and strong SK-5 steel blade. This knife comes with a nylon sheath that may be used for a variety of purposes. With an overall length of 8.5 inches, the Ramadi reaches the sweet spot in terms of size for a survival or camping horizontal carry knife.

It is ideal for situations when space is limited. It is just the right size to be handy for a variety of chores, but it is not exactly the right size to be unwieldy or to get caught on branches along the way.

The sheath that is included with the Ramadi is one that may be used in a variety of situations. It may be carried either to the left or to the right, horizontally, or vertically. As is the case with the most of the knives discussed in this article, I wish the sheath was positioned lower in the vertical orientation; nevertheless, this does not seem to be something that the majority of knife manufacturers are taking into consideration.

The CRKT Ramadi is an impressively crafted knife that comes in at a price that is surprisingly affordable. We have decided that it is one of the few knives on our short list that is deserving of a dedicated in-depth study at some time in the not too distant future.

CRKT S.P.E.W. EDC Fixed Blade Knife


CRKT S.P.E.W. EDC Fixed Blade Knife

with Sheath: Compact Utility Neck Knife

Easy To Sharpen: High carbon stainless steel blade takes an edge well. Minimizes Reflectivity: Bead blast finish reduces reflection

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  • Dimensions: 6.19 inches across the whole
  • Length of blade: 3.0″
  • The blade steel is 5Cr15MoV
  • The blade style is wharncliffe
  • Hollow is the Blade Grind
  • G-10 is used for the handle material.
  • Sheath: GRN
  • manufactured in: China

This knife is arguably the most understated on this list, yet it is without a doubt the one I’ve carried the most often. The phrase “Small Pocket Everyday Wharncliffe” is what the product is known as, and this well describes what it is used for.

You may utilize this little object for a wide variety of day-to-day jobs around the home, as well as a few more things out in the wilderness; nevertheless, I wouldn’t recommend placing your survival in its hands.

Because of its small size and lightweight, you can very much take it wherever, even in your pocket, and it functions quite well as a fishing knife. In addition to that, despite its little size, the comfort level is remarkably high. A grip is an excellent form for those with bigger hands. To this far, my chubby fingers haven’t had much of a problem maintaining a firm hold on the item.

If you have a lower waistline and don’t want to carry a large knife that may perhaps get caught on things when you’re hiking or hunting on tight paths, the Spew is a good solution for you.

Spyderco Ronin 2 Fixed Blade Knife


Spyderco Ronin 2 Fixed Blade Knife

with 4.08″ CTS BD1 Stainless Steel Blade

Reliable High Performance. Ergonomic – To ensure maximum strength and a deft balance.

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  • 7.875 inches is the length of the whole
  • Blade length: 4.125 inches
  • CTS-BD1 Blade Steel
  • This is the kind of blade Wharncliffe is.
  • The Blade Grind is hollow.
  • Handles are made from G-10
  • Boltaron is the sheath
  • Made in: USA
  • Designer: Michael Janich

Michael Janich, who has spent a significant portion of his career researching knife warfare and experimenting with a wide variety of blades designed for that purpose, is the designer of this weapon.

He subscribes to the school of thought that dictates one should grip a knife in such a way that the thumb rests along the spine. It is said that this helps make cutting attacks simpler to execute with more precision.

I won’t comment on the usefulness of that point of view, but I will say that Spyderco takes his knives to a highly utilitarian level, and they are fairly good knives to begin with. It has steel that is very resistant to corrosion, along with a slender stock and G10 scales, which allows it to ride exceptionally light.

In addition, the combination of the replaceable G-clip and the ease with which it can be adapted to your preferred carry style makes it an excellent choice.

Kizer Baby Fixed Blade Knives


Kizer Baby Fixed Blade Knives with Sheath

3.9 Inch Blade Camping Hunting Knife

Baby tactical knife features a black G10 handle and a fine edge, full tang 154CM steel blade.

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  • Surface length: 7.125″
  • 3.5″ blade length
  • Steel blade: 154CM
  • Blades with drop points are the kind
  • Flat grind for blades
  • Handles are made from G-10
  • Sheath: Kydex
  • Made in China
  • Designer: Azo

The Azo Baby is a wonderful product in many respects. It includes superior fitting and finishing, premium steel, and a grip that is easy on the hands. However, the most important factor in its inclusion on this list is the adaptability and simplicity of its kydex sheath.

When I saw that this knife featured a blade made of 154CM steel when it was initially produced, I was shocked since the price of the knife was much under $100. When I saw that it could be carried horizontally, I did not hesitate to purchase it in order to put it through its paces and see whether it was worthy of inclusion on this list.

This knife made an instant impression on us due to all of the reasons listed before as well as its well-thought-out, functional design. It is a knife that is quite useful to have, whether you are going camping or working.

Even for people who have smaller waists, the Azo Baby is an excellent choice for scout carry due to its size. It does not protrude too much and cause things to get caught on it, and it sits low enough that it does not dig into the back of the person who is wearing it.

With a little bit of experience, drawing and returning the knife to its sheath while in the scout posture is also very simple. We found that being able to configure it for either left- or right-handed use in the front or rear was a fantastic feature.

The robust kydex sheath that is included with the Azo Baby has a solid feel to it, but the adaptability is what really sets it apart from the competition. By just releasing a screw, it may be transported completely horizontally or at an angle vertically in either direction. A phillips screwdriver, not a hex screwdriver, may be used to make the necessary modifications, which is another advantageous feature of this knife.

TOPS Knives 3 Pointer Fixed Blade Knife


Kizer Baby Fixed Blade Knives with Sheath

3.9 Inch Blade Camping Hunting Knife

Tops Knives 3 Pointer with tan canvas micarta handles. Made in the USA

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  • Length Across the Whole: 6.63 Inches
  • Blade Length: 3.13″
  • Blade Steel: 1095
  • Drop Point is the kind of blade.
  • Blade Grind: Flat
  • Micarta is used for the handle material.
  • Sheath: Kydex
  • Made in: USA

Because of its convenient size and the fact that it can also be worn around the neck, the TOPS fixed-blade knife, which was created by Leo Espinoza and manufactured by TOPS, is one of our most favored horizontal carry knives.

When worn horizontally, the 3 Pointer has the capability of being carried either on the front in the left-facing position or behind the back in the right-facing position.

The fact that it can be worn over the neck makes it one of the most adaptable knives discussed in this piece, however, we do wish that it could be carried in either the front or the back by either hand.

Because of the 3 Pointer’s relatively big thumb ramp, it is simple to remove the knife from its sheath with just one hand. If you prefer to carry this knife as a neck knife or in a pocket with a lanyard connected, you can simply remove the straps that enable it to be worn on a belt or a backpack by using a Phillips screwdriver. This knife also has the option of being worn on a belt or a backpack.

It is a fantastic tactical alternative due to the 3 Pointer’s readily concealable size, its very gripping micarta grips, and its robust 1095 steel blade. The micarta handles are also a nice touch. In addition to that, it is an excellent work knife or a tiny hunting knife.

After a few weeks of using it for a variety of purposes, the 3 Pointer has quickly become one of our favorite little fixed blades.

GERBER StrongArm Fixed Blade Knife


GERBER StrongArm Fixed Blade Knife

with Serrated Edge – Coyote Brown

StrongArm tactical knife features a coyote brown handle and a serrated edge, full tang steel blade. Durable survival knife has ceramic blade coating and rubberized diamond texture grip

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  • 9.75 inches in length over all
  • Blade Length: 4.9 inches
  • The blade steel is 420HC
  • Drop point is the kind of blade
  • Blade Grind: Flat
  • Handle Material: Rubber
  • The sheath is made of molded polymer
  • Made in: USA

The StrongArm works quite well as a horizontal knife, but it may need some adjustment to get it just right. Gerber has made significant efforts to ensure that it is versatile. Although I think that the vast majority of tactical knives are foolish as a general rule, I really like the large rubber grip and simple edge that this knife has.

I get the impression that there aren’t nearly enough ideas for survival and tactical gear out there that make use of rubber or materials that are analogous to rubber.

It gives a knife an incredible amount of traction, even in damp or muddy situations, and significantly decreases the danger of sliding, which is particularly beneficial if you anticipate having to extract the knife from your pocket or purse quickly. Although I do my best to avoid situations in which I could need rapid deployment, I am grateful to have the option available.

The sheath for the StrongArm is both ambidextrous and compatible with MOLLE, making it a very flexible option. Whether you are left-handed or right-handed, you may wear it in the scout or front horizontal position and carry it in any of those positions.

I really wish that more of Gerber’s fixed-blade knives have comparable handle configurations. It has come to my attention that the StrongArm has a greater propensity to cause injury if the wearer has a smaller waist.

The individual shown above had a waist measurement of 29 inches, which made scout carry a bit challenging for them. A waist measurement of 32 inches and seems to be less of a problem.

If you are looking for a pack knife that is compatible with MOLLE, I would recommend the StrongArm since I believe it to be one of the finest blades currently available for attaching to a backpack. If you are searching for a MOLLE compatible pack knife, this one is difficult to beat.

We are presently in the process of producing an in-depth assessment of this knife, and once we have done, a link to that review will be included in this page.

Gerber Gear 30-001005N Ghoststrike Fixed Blade Knife


Gerber Gear 30-001005N Ghoststrike Fixed Blade Knife


Compact, Skeletal 420Hc Steel Frame. Black Ceramic Coating For Minimal Reflection + Corrosion.

Check Price on Amazon
  • Overall length: 6.86 inches
  • Blade Length: 3.25 inches
  • 420HC blade steel
  • Drop point is the type of blade
  • Flat Blade Grind
  • Handle Material: Rubber
  • Sheath: Polymer
  • Made in: USA

Despite the fact that the Ghostrike reminds me like hemorrhoids that have been bunched together and given a pointed edge, a lot of people appear to really appreciate this knife. On some way I understand.

The handles are made of gripping rubber and the device itself is rather fast to deploy despite its diminutive size. Instead of clips, it has belt loops that can be unscrewed and moved to allow for either a horizontal or vertical carry position.

They have also produced an ankle wrap for it, which means that you may carry it in a variety of different ways. Because it is also quite thin, you can easily hide it on your person using it, supposing that is something you wish to do for any reason.

However, I believe that I have made it very obvious what my thoughts are about the word “tactical.” Any discussion about “the finest tactical knife” is a fantastic way to let people know that you purchased a katana from a store when you were 15 years old, and it is still hanging up in your bedroom just over a perfect copy of The Art of War.

Even though I’m not the biggest fan of Gerber knives, I have to say that the Ghostrike is a really decent knife since it’s precisely the sort of knife that Gerber produces extremely well. When you go into the woods, it wouldn’t be a bad idea to have something like this attached to your ankle or belt as the Ghostrike is designed to be broken intentionally.

CRKT SIWI Fixed Blade Knife


CRKT SIWI Fixed Blade Knife

Compact and Lightweight Black Knife

High performance steel: SK5 carbon steel holds an edge well. Compact size: Easy to carry

Check Price on Amazon
  • Whole length: 7.25 inches
  • Blade Length: 3.34 inches
  • Steel for blades: SK5
  • The blade type is drop point
  • Blade Grind: Flat
  • G-10 is used for the handle material
  • Sheath: Polymer
  • Made in: Taiwan

Knife manufacturer Chris Williams and former Army veteran Darrin Sirois worked together to design the SRKT Siwi. This knife is the outcome of their efforts. The finished result is a compact camping, fishing, or bushcraft knife with a fixed blade that is tactically designed and has a functional blade.

The SiWi has an unmistakably military look to it, but when we took it out into the field, we were pleasantly pleased to find that it performed quite well in the role of either a camp knife or a backup bushcraft knife. It is an excellent tool for use in the great outdoors because to its sturdy spine, tall flat grind, and very gripping handle.

The GFN sheath of the SiWi is equipped with a Tek-Lok attachment as standard. My hope is that more knife manufacturers will adopt this practice in the future. Because the Tek-Lok may be connected to either the right or left side of the sheath, the sheath can be worn with either the right or left side facing in front of or behind the wearer’s waist.

The remarkable retention of the sheath, on the other hand, makes it an excellent choice for an alternative that can be worn inverted on a backpack. Because of its above-average retention, the SiWi needs more than a little effort to be used in order to remove and re-insert the knife. As a result, it takes some practice to get the hang of it.

Because of the high carbon content of the SiWi blade, it will be necessary to oil it on occasion and dry it after every time it gets wet in order to avoid corrosion. We evaluated the edge retention of this steel and found it to be satisfactory, but not outstanding.

Because of its textured surface, deep choil, and finger indents, this G-10 handle has one of the best grips I’ve ever had on a handle made of G-10. Even when wet, its handle is simple to secure in your hand.

The SiWi is a fantastic blend of a tiny tactical knife and a survival knife, and its current price point of roughly $70 represents an exceptional bargain for both its pricing and its adaptability.

Tek Loks: A Note

Although every knife that I’ve included on this list ought should be able to be carried in a horizontal position right out of the box, not all of them are created equally in this regard.

It is difficult to exaggerate the utility of a Tek Lok when attempting to enhance the way a knife is carried or to convert it to a scout carry configuration. Knives such as the Kizer Little River Bowie, for which the designer did not exactly put enough attention into perfecting the sheath and belt clip, might benefit tremendously from the addition of this sort of attachment. Now, about the Tek Loks, a number of things:

  1. They ought to be suitable for use with the majority of Kydex sheaths.
  2. They may be modified to fit any size belt thanks to the spacers that are included inside the clip.
  3. They are quite inexpensive while being very hardy.

To tell you the truth, purchasing a couple Tek Loks is a good idea in case you ever feel like experimenting with a different kind of knife. At the very least, they are entertaining to mess about with, but at their finest, they bring about a significant improvement in the manner in which your preferred knife is carried.

How Should You Choose the Best Knife for Horizontal Carry? (Buying Guide)

A knife that is designed to be carried horizontally is often a folding knife that may be concealed in a pocket and retrieved in a hurry. The term comes from the fact that they are designed to be carried in a horizontal position in the pocket, which enables the user to access them more quickly than if they were carried in an upright position.

Although hunters and those in the trades are the most likely to make use of them, an increasing number of people are carrying them for self-defense. This is due in part to the fact that they may be drawn rapidly, as well as the fact that they are permitted to carry in a greater number of states than conventional fixed-blade hunting knives.

However, many people still won’t let you wear them in public without covering them up. Before carrying one of these knives, it is very necessary to examine the rules of your state, since this is the reason why. When carried openly, they must comply with the laws of several states, which require that they be hidden at all times.

In certain places, carrying a concealed weapon at all requires first obtaining a permission or license. When searching for the ideal knife for horizontal carry, there are a number of different aspects to take into consideration.

Because it is an essential purchase, you want to ensure that it will fulfill all of your requirements (and look good doing it). When searching for your next knife, the following is a rundown of some important considerations to keep in mind.


First, you should think about the size of the final product you want to create. If you want to carry it on your belt, you don’t want anything that’s too big or heavy; but, if you don’t intend to wear it in a holster, it may be OK for the blade to be a little bit longer.

You also need to take into consideration your own personal preferences, such as whether you like large or tiny knives. There is no correct or incorrect response; the only thing that matters is how well something works for you personally.

Knives may be found in a wide variety of styles and dimensions, but the majority of them have certain qualities. For instance, the handles are designed to sit comfortably in the palm of your hand and have a blade that is sufficiently lengthy to slice through the substance you’re using the tool on. They also have the capability of serving as protection in the event of a crisis.

Frequency Of Use

Do you intend to use your knife on a daily basis, or will you just use it on rare occasions? If you want to use it somewhat often, you should look for something that has a longer blade. Shorter blades are more suited for lighter jobs like cutting vegetables or slicing meat.

Blade Material

If you want to put your knife through a lot of wear and tear, you should choose one that is manufactured out of a durable material like stainless steel. On the other hand, if it is simply going to lay about unused for the most of the days, plastic will do just fine.

Ease Of Use

You want to be able to carry your knife in a manner that is not only simple but also comfortable and safe while you go out hunting or hiking. You will be able to accomplish just that with the finest horizontal carry knife, and in addition, you won’t have to bother with sheaths or any other type of inconvenient carrying method.


When the blade is sheathed, the handle of the knife ought to maintain a secure attachment to the tang of the blade. After all, having a horizontal carry knife is pointless if the handle comes off when you’re moving about, so make sure it’s securely fastened!

Locking Mechanism

A locking device that prevents the blade from slipping out of the knife and potentially injuring the operator or anyone else in the vicinity should be included with the knife. As is the case with all things that may be locked, it should be simple to open and shut, yet challenging enough to remain locked.

Weight Distribution

It need to come with a weight distribution that not only makes it simple to utilize but also ensures that the user is comfortable while carrying (and using) the blade.


How would you describe a Scout carry knife?

A gadget that enables you to get more done in a shorter amount of time is called a scout carry knife. Because this compact and cutting-edge equipment is equipped with a blade, a screwdriver, and a tape cutter, it will be much simpler for you to complete the tasks on your to-do list.

These knives have a handle made of carbon fiber, and they are constructed from materials of the best possible quality. You can take care of business in a timely and efficient manner with the assistance of this dependable and useful instrument that is made to endure a long time.

You need to have the Scout carry knife on your side if you are prepared to improve the tools you are using and complete your to-do list in a more expedient manner.

Where exactly does one store a knife sheath?

The blade of your knife should be kept safe within its sheath at all times. The purpose of the knife sheath is to preserve the blade in a pristine state for as long as possible, so that it may maintain its edge and continue to be clean.

In order to do this, the knife sheath has to be able to withstand damage caused by the environment, as well as harm caused by friction and moisture.

The knife sheath should not be kept in a location that is distinct from the knife itself but rather should be kept alongside it. If you have a collection of knives that you use often (for instance, on a cutting board), you should keep the sheaths for those knives nearby so that you can immediately replace the sheaths once you have finished using the knives.

Before putting your knives away, be sure you put them in their sheaths. This will prevent you from accidently dulling the edges of your blades.

Final Verdict

It is important that you complete study before settling on the horizontal carry fixed blade knife that is ideal for your preferences and demands. There are a lot of firms for you to choose from, but among those great organizations that produce the finest fixed-blade knives, there are a few that stand out from the rest of the pack.

There are alternatives available with serrated blades and without, as well as a selection of different finishes, and a guarantee that ranges from three to five years, depending on the brand that you choose. Knowing exactly what you need from one of these knives with a fixed blade is the first and most critical step in making your purchase.

When it comes to fixed blade knives, the most essential thing to keep in mind at the end of the day is that different people have different tastes. For some people, the only viable alternative is a traditional Bowie-style blade. Some people like little or tanto-style blades.

In the end, the success of your search for the ideal knife will mostly rely on you. If you know someone who carries a fixed blade on a regular basis, you should inquire about their preferences and the reasons behind them.

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